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Geeky Winter Goodies - Nerdblock Reviews for December 2014 to February 2015

Updated on March 8, 2015

Christmas was a little extra awesome last year, since I got a Nerdblock just around that time as well as presents from loved ones. Of course, with Nerdblock you get a mini Christmas every month! Check out the last three boxes below!

December 2014

December's box contained not one but two T-shirts (worth about $12-$18 each, as usual). Double whammy! One featured Kang, or maybe Kodos, the alien from Simpsons. I'm not a huge Simpsons fan, although I do like it, but the second T-shirt was much more up my alley. A Harry Potter-themed Butter Beer T-shirt, brilliant! I love the color, too.

The box also contained a Gremlins plush toy (value ~$20) and some kind of Dungeons $ Dragons toys (value unsure, probably about $3). I don't know about the D&D toy but the Gremlins plush seems like it's great quality! My favorite of the small items, however, was a neat Tetris-themed notebook. It's cool-looking and practical, my favorite kind of item. It's value is about $7.

There was also an exclusive item included in this month's box: a signed photo from the movie Willow. There were two possible signatures: Warwick Davis’ or Val Kilmer’s, of which I got the latter. I appreciate these unique items. Even if they don't always have a high monetary value, it's cool to get something you can't just buy in a store.

The approximate total value of this box was ~$60, not counting the signed photo which is tricky to put a price on. Definitely a good box! This might be my favorite T-shirt so far.

January 2015

Nerdblock definitely started off 2015 with a bang, with this awesome box featuring some of my favorite fandoms. The T-shirt was Doctor Who themed, which was absolutely brilliant since I love the show. Very cool print, and the value as usual is $12-$18.

The box also featured a Grumpy Cat plush, made to resemble the famous Grumpy Cat meme. It's pretty adorable if you ask me! The value is ~$8. There was also a pair of Lord of the Rings elf ears (value ~$3) - I'm sure those will come in handy some Halloween! To match it, there was a small Hobbit-themed set with a 3D bookmark and a pen (value $9). It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but it's very cool!

My least favorite part of the box was the Skatter Brainz set: a set of sticky "arrows" shaped like characters with their brains exposed, complete with a little dartboard you can use for making decisions. Fun, but not really my thing. Value ~$4.

An exclusive item this month was a authentic film cell from the original Star Wars trilogy (value ~$8). I'll admit that Star Wars is not a favorite of mine, but I still think it's very cool to have a tiny piece of a movie that is such a classic and so well-loved by people all over the world! Continuing on the space theme there was also a Planet of the Apes Star Trek comic (~$5), which I really look forward to reading.

All in all this box was worth something like $50. Not the most expensive one so far, but definitely some of the coolest gifts I've seen to date!

February 2015

My February Nerd Block was unpacked just a few days before typing this article. The theme this month was Exclusives, including an exclusive The Flash themed T-shirt (value ~$12-$18). I've never read any The Flash comics or watched the current TV show, but it was a nice print all the same.

The biggest exclusive in the box was a Better Call Saul Titan Vinyls figure, one of three possible variations. At a value of $15 it's a good option to sell, for non-fans like me! There was also a special Fan Expo Star Wars comic (value ~$5). As mentioned above I'm not a big Star Wars fan, but exclusives are always neat.

My favorite item in the box might be the Paladone Drum Desk Set (value ~$7), a cute set of a notepad and pencils shaped like a drum set and drumsticks. I love stationary so I really appreciated this gift. The box also contained two packages of something called Cliccors, funky little desk toys exclusive to Nerd Block. The value is unknown since they're not sold anywhere else yet. They were pretty cute, and can be made into a range of shapes like the hearts depicted above.

Lastly, the box contained two packs of Nerd Block exclusive collecting cards called Nerd Play. They feature cosplayers and while the cosplays they display are cool I found this item to be pretty disappointing. I just don't know what use these would be to most people, since it's a collectible series no-one who doesn't subscribe to Nerd Block would be into, making options for trading very limited. Additionally the cards quality wasn't good. Booh!

The total value of this box was somewhere just over $40 (it's hard to estimate due to the Cliccors and Nerd Play cards being exclusive and not sold elsewhere). I have to admit, this is the first time I've sort of been disappointed in the overall value and content of a box. There just wasn't anything there that really got my attention, even though the Cliccors and the drum note pad were cute. But I have high hopes for the spring's Nerd Blocks all the same!

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