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Get Cheap Xbox Live Gold - Xbox Live Gold 12 Months

Updated on July 8, 2011

Xbox Live Gold 12 Months Subscription

If you have an Xbox 360 you really are missing out if you don't have Xbox Live. Xbox Live allows you to do so much more and really turns gaming into quite a social experience and one that has many options. Did you know that having Xbox Live gives you many benefits such as:

  • Playing online multiplayer with your friends or strangers and playing people at your level with the Trueskill system.
  • Being able to add your friends and have a friends list.
  • Talking to people in parties or through voice messages.
  • You can use Twitter and check any tweets from your Xbox
  • You can go on Facebook without having to turn your computer on
  • Access to Netflix which allows you to watch movies or in the UK you get Sky Player
  • Download demos for games
  • Get DLC content to extend your games - some free and some paid
  • - listen to music
  • Compare your achievements online or with your friends
  • Get updates for your Xbox and your games
  • Arcade and Indie games which are basically really short and really cool games to play some of the best games include Trials HD, Splosion Man and I MADE A GAME WITH ZOMBIES IN IT - among many others.
  • And much more like watching official Xbox videos, taking part in competitions and having fun!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Xbox Controller   From of Twitter on Xbox Live From your achievements look like
Xbox Controller   From
Xbox Controller From
Sample of Twitter on Xbox Live From
Sample of Twitter on Xbox Live From
What your achievements look like
What your achievements look like

However although it is an awesome service it is not worth buying Xbox Live Gold over the dashboard as it is more expensive, Microsoft makes it hard to cancel and auto renews it so you may be paying for Xbox Live when you have got rid of an Xbox - not cool!

BUT you can buy 12 Month Xbox Live Gold subscription cards online from many places for cheaper prices. I have already mentioned how if you live in the U.S.A buying cheap xbox live gold subscriptions of is a pretty good option and a cheap way of getting xbox live gold which is what we all want.

So you do really want to buy an Xbox Live subscription online well good.

If you want reassurance just buy a Gold card of (link below)

There are other places to get them though such as Ebay and other shops but you do have to consider how reliable these places are.

BUT whatever you do don't buy it of the Dashboard as it really is stupid as it:

  • costs more
  • auto renews 
  • is hard to cancel
  • is giving MICROSOFT more money and they really don't need it and someone else would appreciate it a lot more (like me - just send me $20 in the mail and I will get right back to you!)  ONLY JOKING!
I hope you get a cheap Xbox Live gold 12 month card soon and save yourself some money!  If you found this article informative please share it!


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