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4 Powerful Tips To Carry Silver Elo - League Of Legends

Updated on October 12, 2016

Who Am I?

Hello Summoner, if you have clicked onto this link, you most likely need help getting out of Silver tier into the Gold tier. These tips are also very effective for Bronze tier players. So if you are a low elo player, these tips will also work for you!

Moving along, my Summoner name in League Of Legends is called "Fl1pz" and I am currently in Platinum V and climbing. You must be thinking that getting advice from a Platinum is not a good idea. Even I would think the same exact idea you are thinking. But, according to reliable sources, only 8.13% of the whole League Of Legends community are in Platinum tier. When I found this out, even I was really surprised at how low the percentage was. Whereas 24% of the community are in Gold tier, 40% in Silver tier and 30% in Bronze tier.

You may think of Gold and Platinum ranked players being the same, but look at how big the percentage gap is between the two. Putting that aside, I love playing League Of Legends and have been playing since Season 4. My most played Champions would be Yasuo, Lucian, Rengar and Twitch. I just adore these Champions so much. Additionally, other than playing video games, I love to write online and create YouTube content to the viewers! Now that you know who I am, let us get right into the guide, shall we?

Also, after reading these tips, you might also be interested in my "How To Carry Low Elo" Hub. The information stored in that Hub will definitely be of use to you and you will learn more. Check it out if you have some spare time afterwards.

Online Videos

There are hundreds of thousands of League Of Legends videos online that could help you improve your gameplay to a whole new level. The best and most amazing part of these videos is that they are completely free and you do not have to spend a single cent to view them.

There are videos to help you with farming creeps, improving Champion mechanics, improving reaction timing, and more! This includes full gameplay of League Of Legends pros playing every single Champion there is in League Of Legends. You can gain huge amounts of knowledge just by watching how these Pro players play, build and communicate with their team.

Video viewing websites like YouTube contain all you need to know about improving your skills in League Of Legends. In addition to YouTube, if you have lots of time, you can watch Pro players streaming live in Twitch. Just make sure you know what you watching and if to follow it. You have to know what to learn and what not to learn.

If you know the player is just trolling and playing off meta Champions and builds. Please do not attempt to copy what he is doing because that player knows the limitations of that Champion and you do not. If you are really serious into getting into the Gold tier, you are going to have to use lots of your time learning from watching videos online and adding it into your League Of Legends gameplay.

Here is a great online video out of the thousands of other videos that can help you improve to get out of the Silver elo. Remember that there are so many other League Of Legends tips and tricks videos that can help you and is not limited to this one. Lastly, This video was not created by me but a League Of Legends YouTuber called "Remus."

Online Guides

Just like how you can watch online videos to improve yourself in League Of Legends, you can also read in-depth guides too. In my opinion, I like guides better because they contain more in-depth information and are more detailed about what they're talking about.

Just like online videos, there are also thousands of League Of Legends guides. They can vary from Champion Builds, Tips and Tricks, How To's, and many more. It is also great that there various websites specifically for League Of Legends players who need help. These websites are totally free to use and the guides there are provided by the League community. Guides by high elo players and even LCS Pro players are provided to you. Make sure you read guides on the Champion you are playing!

Useful Websites


If you are part of the League Of Legends community, you have probably flamed somebody atleast once when playing in a game. You might have called out a teammate because he or she made a mistake. Maybe you even flamed the enemy team because you got ganked.

Do not worry, every League Of Legends player flames, it is something we kind of do. Although most League Of Legends player has flamed before and some are still doing it. There are some that stopped and rose the ranks even faster than before. You could also be a part of that group.

All you have to do is stop flaming and all your problems are solved. I will give you the biggest and most helpful suggestion yet. Every time you get in a game, just mute every single player. This results in you not talking back to those who flame you, thus making you focus more on the game.

If you still want to see what others are saying and you get flamed. Hold your anger in and remember talking back to them will not give you or your team any benefits. Use your chat only to appreciate and send positive comments to others, not to tilt your teammates. Here are the results when you flame your teammates.

  • Your teammates talk back and stop focusing on the game
  • They troll because they get butthurt
  • They flame you back and you get butthurt, thus making you tilted
  • You stop paying attention to the game and you instead try to think of comebacks when you get flamed back
  • They report you and you get punished by Tribunal System

In any case, you gain no benefits when you flame other players. Even when you flame your enemies there are no benefits. All you are doing by flaming the enemies is showing a butthurt reaction they enjoy. They will probably do the same thing over and over again until you get tilted to the point you exit the game. You definitely do not want that to happen. So make sure you do not flame at all! Not to your teammates or the enemy team.


If you do well in a game but still lose because your "team feeds or whatnot." There has to be atleast one other person besides you in your team that did "really good." After the game, why not just add that person and queue up? Would not that increase your chances of winning by a lot?

Also, look who performed really well in the enemy team and add them too. You could also add those players into your Dynamic Queue. Now that you got a full or close to full team of decently good players, your chances of winning rocket through the roof! You can try to communicate with each other on Skype or Teamspeak so your teamwork becomes in sync.

Just remember though, when queuing with other players, you will be against grouped up players too. So I would strongly suggest you pick your group members very wisely and make sure every person on that group can hold their own.

Not The End?

You have finally reached the end of the guide, congratulations! This guide is one of the many guides I have created online that can help you increase your ranking in League Of Legends. Make sure to visit my other guides that I have created in HubPages so you have more understanding towards League Of Legends and can use it to improve yourself.

Of course, this is not the end to my "How To Get Out Of Silver" guide. There will definitely be way more Silver tier guides like this to help you out in the near future! Lastly, I would like to thank you so much for giving this guide a chance. Please share it with your friends and family and I hope you have a amazing day!


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