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Get yourself a FREE Minecraft Halloween texture pack!

Updated on October 30, 2014

Minecraft Freebies!

With Halloween just one day away, you maybe haven't done much to get into the spooky mood. Fear not, as the folks at Microsoft are giving us a free Minecraft texture pack to get us in the spirit of Halloween!
Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners can get their hands on a Halloween texture pack, totally free, for Minecraft. You can build a Halloween themed spook house or turn your existing creations into a ghastly scare fest!

Microsoft recently purchased Mojang, the developers responsible for bringing the block building phenomenon to the masses. Sony Playstation owners should fear not, as the pack is scheduled to be released on Playstation consoles (including the Playstation Vita handheld console).

How to get your free texture pack

Getting your free texture pack is so simple, even the living dead could do it!

Simply connect to the Xbox Live Store on your Xbox 360 and search for Minecraft Add-ons. Locate the Halloween pack and give it a download. For Xbox One users, you can find the Halloween texture pack by searching the "Add-ons" section of the Store.

You can also sign into your Xbox Live account on a PC and download the add-on.

Once you have downloaded the add-on pack from either the store or the website, simply install the pack (should be done automatically) and load the game. The Halloween texture pack will be unlocked and ready to use!


What is in the pack?

Lower than 5mb but filled with cool stuff, the texture pack can make any Minecraft world look pretty cool.

In the pack you will receive the following :

  • Some cool New Block Textures — includes the skull texture Stone, luminous green/black Netherbrick, and purple ice (along with many others).
  • Brand new head textures.
  • Fun Halloween Plants — Killer flowers and more
  • New Wool Textures – Make the wool super cool!
  • Monster Armor — including The Wolfman, Frankenstein and Dracula.
  • Pumpkin masks
  • Assorted “dead plant” foliage Textures
  • Lime/Blue creepy mine carts
  • Sticky Piston with some purple slime
  • The Red Stone Lamp with a scary black cat silhouette
  • Horned Cow Texture
  • Halloween Candy Cane
  • Assorted Dyes, including the Cauldron
  • Rotten food items like Bread and Apples
  • Cooked brown and raw blue Fish
  • Rotten Flesh!!
  • Assorted slime-covered Tools such as the Pickax
  • New Witch Map
  • New Treasure chest with a creepy eyeball
  • Coffin Bed, sleep like Dracula!
  • Pumpkin Buckets with new fillers
  • Lime green Lava, assorted to be flowing and still
  • Purple Water, again assorted to be flowing and still
  • Ghoul-face Nether Portal!
  • Skull Textured Sun and Moons, giving the creepy effect all the way to the sky!


Which console will you download the texture pack to?

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