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Getting Final Fantasy XIV To Load A Little Quicker For PS3

Updated on August 21, 2015


Not everyone plays on a Playstation 4 or PC. I used to play on the PS3 and know many others who still do. While playing on PS4 and PC is going to be infinitely better, not everyone can afford it. However, there are ways to help the PS3 version load a little quicker and while I may have a PS4 now, I still use these settings. It's not really needed since the PS4 is much more powerful but I still do just because it feels weird without it.

Now this won't fix the lag and latency that is Titan Extreme or other boss battles. For PS3 users, especially in the case of Titan, learn his rotation and move just before the attack is about to happen. Moving preemptively will often save you rather than waiting until the attack happens. It was rare for me to get hit with a landslide, it was those weight of lands that would knock me out.

Not as powerful as a PS4 or PC, the game is still playable on the faithful PS3.
Not as powerful as a PS4 or PC, the game is still playable on the faithful PS3.

Changing the Settings

The biggest thing you can do is to by an SSDD. This will cut the loading times significantly. But you don't need to spend money to see some changes. The game has some settings that can be changed to reduce load times and some lag.

Click the cog near the chat box and head to Control Settings. Head over to the Character tab and scroll down to Battle Effects Settings. Set this as Show All of my battle effects, show limited for party and none for others. This helps immensely as the area won't be overloaded with battle effects that can drastically slow the console.

If needed, you can turn the battle effects to show none, and for party you can show none. This means you won't see any battle effects and isn't recommended especially for party. You won't be able to see things such as Scholar's putting down their shields. On the upside it means less stress for the console.

Next we want to head into Display Name settings. What you want to do is change the display name settings of everyone. Set player characters to none, friend list and NPCs as full while party members are initials. You can be different and have all of them as show none but for quest NPCs, it can get a little annoying since you need to click on each one to see their name.

This does make the game more interactive as you don't have text everywhere, but it can also make it feel a little lonely since it feels as if the other players are actually NPCs.

Is it worth it? Yes. I cannot imagine playing without these settings. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Even with these settings changed, Titan can still prove to be a roadblock.
Even with these settings changed, Titan can still prove to be a roadblock.

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