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Getting Married in Harvest Moon DS

Updated on February 7, 2018
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I've been an avid gamer for more than 20 years, and especially love the genres of horror, RPGs, and puzzle.

The Harvest Moon Nintendo DS series started with Harvest Moon DS. The simulation game continued in traditional fashion by including several bachelorettes for the main character to marry. As you can only play as a male character in Harvest Moon DS, the player may only choose from female villagers. Read on to learn more about how to get married in Harvest Moon for DS and who you can marry.

Requirements for Marriage:

Like most other Harvest Moon games, there are certain requirements the player must meet before being able to get married. Meet the following requirements in order to propose to your favorite character.

  • Have a red heart level with the girl you want to marry
  • Buy the big bed for your home
  • View all four heart events with the villager you are going to propose to
  • Rescue at least 60 sprites to unlock the Harvest Goddess
  • Buy the Blue Feather in order to propose

The Bachelorettes:

Harvest Moon DS has a total of 9 girls villagers you can marry. If you also have a copy of Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town for the Game Boy Advance, you can plug this into your Nintendo DS or DS Lite and unlock 5 more bachelorettes from the old entry in the series. Be aware that marrying a Mineral Town bachelorette will end your game.

Celia: Celia lives on a farm with Marlin and Vesta. Celia's birthday is Spring 6. She is usually found either in the crops or in the house. Her favorite gift is cake, and she also loves yams, perfume, diamonds, and items with curry. She also likes fruits, jewelry, flowers, and recipes with chocolate. She doesn't like grass, ores, gemstones, eggplant, building materials, and trash items. She hates pickled cucumber.

Flora: Flora can be found at the excavation site with Carter. Her birthday is Winter 16. Her favorite gift is rainbow curry, but she also loves easier items like any other curries, diamonds, fish fossils, and lithographs. She likes vegetables and fruits, as well as pizza and sashimi. Flora dislikes grass, jewelry, lotions, sunscreen, and building materials. She hates animal food and trash items, and her least favorite item is red grass.

Lumina: Lumina lives with her Grandmother, Romana, in the mansion. Lumina's birthday is Spring 29. Her most favorite gift is Relax Tea, which is complicated to make. Luckily, she also loves perfume, diamonds, curries, omelets, and cake. She also likes gemstones, flowers, jewelry, wool and yarn, desserts, and fruit drinks. She doesn't like grass, building materials, most noodles, sushi, and sashimi. She hates trash items and most things you can dig or fish up, as well as most vegetables and vegetable dishes. Her most hated item is Elli Leaves.

Muffy: Muffy works at the Blue Bar with Griffin. Some days, she is also found relaxing at the Goddess Pond. Her birthday is Summer 5. Her favorite item is apple pie, and she also loves large fish, jewelry, salad, wine, and cooked curry items. She likes fruit, moondrop flowers, skin products, eggs, cheese, and fruit juices but she dislikes grasses, noodles, and vegetable items and hates gems and ore, weeds, and trash items. Her least favorite item is a small fish!

Nami: Nami lives at the Inn that Ruby runs, and she is often found exploring the beach or hanging out at Turtle Pond. Her birthday is Fall 24. Her favorite gift is gratin. She loves anything with grapes, Red Magicgrass Flowers, and suns. She likes fish, omelets, cookies, fruit drinks, and wine. She dislikes other flowers, grasses, pumpkin items, and most ore and gemstones. She hates toadstools, pirate treasure, wool, vegetable drinks, trash, and jams. Her least favorite thing is grape jam.

Harvest Goddess: The Harvest Goddess lives at the Goddess Pond, even if you marry her. You can only start talking to her after you find 60 Harvest Sprites. Her birthday is Spring 8 and her favorite item is strawberries. She also loves pineapples and likes most other fruit and vegetable crops as well as animal products like eggs and milk. She dislikes all cooked recipes, animal feeds, and jewelry. She hates trash and her least favorite item is a boot.

Leia: Leia is a mermaid found by Daryll. She lives in the basement of his laboratory. To interact with her, you must have Daryll's friendship level at 100 or higher. Leia's birthday is Summer 30. Her favorite item is a large fish. She also loves Red Magicgrass Flowers, medium fish, jewelry, grilled fish, and sashimi. She likes Toy Flowers, Blue Magicgrass Flowers, small fish, skin products, and sushi. She dislikes vegetables, fruits, animal products, and other cooked recipes that aren't fish based. She hates grass, ore, and gemstones and her least favorite thing is fodder.

Keira: Keira lives on level 255 of the third mine. You will need to wake her up with gifts in order to get her to marry you. Her birthday is Winter 26, and her favorite gift is golden lumber. She loves diamonds, mythic, alexandrite, and suns. She likes other ores and gemstones, ultimate and finest curry, relax tea, and relax tea leaves. She dislikes flowers, other types of lumber, and wool and she hates grass, most crops, and most cooked recipes. Her least favorite item is rice balls.

Witch Princess: The Witch Princess is supposed to be marryable in Harvest Moon DS, but if you are playing the North American version of the game, there is a bug that prevents you from meeting the requirements. Thus, you will be unable to marry her.

Ann: You can find Ann in the Inn or at the waterfall on Fridays if you have a copy of the GBA game. Her favorite item is cheese fondue and she loves diamonds, chocolate cake, rice cake, curry, and most cooked recipes. She likes other gemstones, fruit, and fruit juice. She dislikes grass and Bodigizer and Turbojolt items. Ann hates ore, trash items, building material, and animal feed. Her most hated item is golden lumber!

Elli: This Mineral Town bachelorette can be found at the Clinic or by the Goddess Pond on Wednesdays after connecting your GBA game. Her favorite gift is a moon dumpling. She loves flowers, jewelry, strawberries, and milk items. Elli likes most grasses, fish, gemstones, and desserts. She dislikes yellow grass, corn, onions, wine, peppers, and egg dishes. She hates toadstools, pirate treasure, and fish fossils and her most hated item is tomato juice.

Karen: Karen will be in the town on Tuesdays if you have the GBA game. She'll be with Celia during the day or in the bar at night. Her favorite item is pizza and she also loves diamonds, wine, sushi, popcorn, steamed dumplings, and bamboo shoots. She likes vegetables, flowers, jewelry, and grilled fish. She doesn't like grass, chocolate, apples, and desserts. Karen hates building materials, fished up items, gemstones and ores, and trash. Her least favorite gift is elli leaves.

Mary: Mary will come to town on Mondays if you have the GBA game. She will be found in Romana's mansion. Her favorite present in Relax Tea, but she also loves grapes, grass, diamonds, and chocolate cake or cookies. She likes fruits, vegetables, animal products, jewelry, and desserts. Mary doesn't like building materials, animal food, or curry. She hates fished up items, trash, and weeds and her least favorite item is buckwheat chips.

Popuri: Popuri will be found at Takakura's house on Sundays if you connect your GBA game. At night she will go to the Inn. Her birthday is Summer 3 and her favorite gift is omelet rice. She also loves apples, eggs, desserts, and jewelry and likes flowers, fruit, fruit juices, other animal products, and gemstones. Popuri dislikes ore, vegetables, and rice cakes. She hates grass, fished up items, building materials, wine, and trash items. Her least favorite thing is wine.

Who is your favorite bachelorette?

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    • profile image

      Joann Mistica 

      5 years ago

      I know this was a long time ago but my first Harvest Moon game that I can remember was Harvest Moon: Back to Nature on PlayStation 1. I used to really like Karen but she likes wine and it was expensive. I ended up marrying Popuri instead because she likes weeds.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      unlesss you have a Game Shark or Action Replay, i don't think there is any cheats. here is some tips for $ miakng in different seasons:spring: take the path to get to the mountain. b4 you get there, you'll see 3 baboo thigs. ship them all. they'll give you about $750 a day.summer: for about a thousand a day, ship 10 (any color)grasses everyday.fall: ship apples by the honey treewinter: if you don't have a lot of animals, you're basically out of luck .there's not a lot growing in the forests. there is, however, a hidden trail behind the carpentar's house. you'll find white grass. that may help.also google your question. that will get you some really good adviceme


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