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Getting Rid Of Your Clutter For Fun and Profit

Updated on September 12, 2012

Time to thin the tower of junk

If you are anything like me than you have hoarded tons of random things you will never use. I run a volunteer library and we get some of the silliest donations you could imagine. Thanks to these rather humorous but often overwhelming donations we have piles of stuff we will never use. Included in this rag tag mess of random objects is stickers, air fresheners, and even 3 boxes of key chains. Why would someone feel these needs to go to a library?

I started looking for ways that this junk could benefit the library or at the very least the people who volunteer their time here and I was clueless. Than one day one of my workers was looking at a site online called Listia. This site gave you so many credits to sign up that yoy could spend on buying other peoples junk. You just gave them your credits and in return you get free stuff.

The key point I found helpful was you can put your free junk up on the site and auction it off just like you would on Ebay but instead of cash you will get credits that can be used for more stuff on the site. I had to look into this just to see what all could be found and if it would be worth sticking some of the useless junk we have gathered up on the site.

Very rewarding

 My first day on the site was rather interesting. I put up a DVD and a few odds and ends and in a week I had accumulated several thousand credits from my unwanted junk. These credits will allow me to bid on various objects and items. I realized real soon that in reality Listia was allowing users to recycle things that otherwise would have simply been thrown away. Talk about a cool way to go green!

I started putting up items like stickers and small buttons, really just anything I could mail for one stamp. Rough;y speaking I am averaging about 100 to 200 credits per item I sell on Listia and it cost me about 60 cents to send one item out so that is a great return. They also offer other ways to win credits and ways to advertise your auctions.

Amazing people

 Regardless of how good a site is for me financially or just fun wise I won't stick around very long if the people involved are jerks. Listia amazed me in that every member seems to get along with each other. I have been a part of the community now for several weeks and have yet to have one bad situation.

I have actually made several friends on the site that I now keep in contact with on emails and we discuss aliens and other goofy little thoughts that pop up. The people on Listia are very friendly and the site really has a lot to offer.

Joining The Community

 If you are interested in becoming a part of this great site you can do so here. To date I have received books, decals and all sorts of fascinating items from the site with no cash being spent other than my mailing supplies. The site allows not only people to get rid of the things they don't want it allows for users to interact and really one might be surprised at how much you get to know someone from trading with them. I hope you enjoy Listia as much as I do and have a great day!


As of now I am still a very dedicated member of the Listia community and have won some really great items there. I have won no less than 3 digital cameras, 3 digital video recorders and just yesterday a pair of brand new firefighter gloves worth about 80 bucks. The site continues to grow and develop. I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the amazing things I have been able to get on there and how many credits it cost me.

  1. digital camcorder new in box for 1230 credits
  2. brand new draven shoes for 3000 credits
  3. Paul DVD sealed in the package for 1200 credits
  4. set of GI Joe trading cards for 74 credits
  5. custom art in frame for 500 credits

These are just a few of the amazing items I have been able to get on the site.

Tell me about your Listia or Ebay stories.

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      htodd 6 years ago from United States

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