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Giant Creeper Minecraft Mod

Updated on February 6, 2011
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For more life changing Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

A fine gentleman by the name of 'The Pwn Stick' noticed that the most dedicated creatures of destruction in Minecraft, the Creeper wasn't big enough. He noted, with some dismay, that creepers are the same size as a player and that their explosions had a relatively small radius only good for destroying parts of structures. This he found to be thoroughly disappointing.

Unlike other players, who channel their disappointment into existential angst and complaining about Notch, The Pwn Stick decided to go ahead and be the change he wanted to see in the world. He created a giant creeper mod, and my oh my, are the creepers giant. They are so giant in fact, that they are known as Greepers. See what they did there? You see it, don't you.

Greeper Specs

  • Normal creepers have a blast radius of three squares. These giant creepers have a blast radius of 50 squares.
  • Aggro has been tripled on the greepers. This means that you will attract the giant creepers at a distance three times greater than normal, so, you know, stay away unless you really want to try and down one. Triumphing over a greeper means earning diamond or TNT or some other special treat depending on what the modder feels like. This mod is still under development so the version you download may very well differ from the version on the box.

You may not wish to install this mod if:

  • You're particularly attached to anything you've built in game. A normal creeper can do some damage to a prized piece of architecture. A greeper (giant creeper) can wipe it off the map entirely. Days, weeks, nay, months of work destroyed in a moment.

That's it really. There's no other excuse not to install this mod. Let's face it, it's been one of the missions of the human race to make things either really big or really small. That's why we have Great Danes and Teacup Chihuahuas. Not installing this mod is pretty much denying who you are as a human.

How To Install The Greeper Mod

Installation is simple. Open the minecraft.jar using Win Rar or an equivalent program. Delete the META.inf file, which is probably already gone if you're a modding type who has done a bit of modding in the past. Then you add the mod files and run the game. It's that simple. Now go forth and claim your destiny!

Download Giant Creeper Mod


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