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Giant Microbes Stuffed Animals

Updated on December 23, 2010

Giant Microbes Stuffed Animals

Can gross and disgusting be cuddly and fun?

The age of the stuffed teddy bear has given way to giant plush germs and other microscopic creatures. Instead of a cute kitty or puppy, the hottest stuffed 'animal' on the market is a huge blood cell, bacteria, or microbe.

Are they dangerous? Not really, unless you own a toy store overstocked with traditional plush toys. These red-hot products are oversized representations of the things that Mom warned you about and your biology professor taught you about. You washed your hands and blew your nose to avoid contact with many of these disgusting creatures. Your life depends on the others.

Here are a few of the best-selling giant microbe plush toys. They won't infect you, but they can be hours of fun for children of all ages. Give 'em to your favorite kids and console horrified parents with the educational value of the toy and the attached information. Each toy includes a tag that details the activity of the real bug/microbe/cell that is represented.

Giantmicrobes Brain Cell

It's a neuron. Our brain stores our memories with millions of these little critters. We make decisions, solve problems, and order online products with our neurons.

This particular brain cell is quite a bit larger than the real cells that we depend upon. It's also much cuter. Your favorite your scientist will love to have several of these to keep her safe at night. It's much more fun than a traditional teddy bear or plush kitty cat.

Common Cold Giant Microbe Plush

We use gallons of hand sanitizer to shoo away billions of these little critters. This adorable germy plushie won't make you sick and it will be a welcome addition to any stuffed animal collection.

Do cold germs really have eyes? They probably don't, but imagine the excited look in the eyes of the children on your gift list when they unwrap a huge furry cold germ.

Giant Microbes E. coli (Escherichia Coli) Ailmentaries


It's certainly a unique stuffed toy and it will give you something to talk about. No one wants to encounter the real thing in the real world, but playing doctor will be much more fun when the germs are cute and cuddly.

Give this 'interesting' stuffed toy to all the budding doctors on your gift list!

Giantmicrobes MRSA

Real MRSA is nothing to play with in real life. Hospitals dread MRSA outbreaks, but kids will love this giant microbe that might resemble a MRSA germ if it was plush and smiling. Teach the kids in your family the importance of hand-washing by showing them what they might pick up, in a somewhat larger form.

It's referred to as 'super bug' by the popular media. This super toy provides hours of educational play while remaining soft and cuddly.


The last bug anyone wants to see crawling through the sheets is a disgusting bedbug. These horrible critters continue to infest bedrooms throughout the country, regardless of income of status. They have no respect for 5 star hotels or flop houses.

On the other hand, this plush toy is absolutely adorable. It is guaranteed not to breed or bite. It won't suck your blood, but it will be fun to play with. It comes complete with 6 scarlet legs and 2 scarlet antennae. Real bed bugs search out their prey (us!) by following the carbon dioxide we exhale. This cute toy needs help getting up onto your bed: it will perch harmlessly on your pillows and keep you company as you study for your Professional Exterminator certification.


Yes, mononucleosis is referred to as the 'kissing disease', but this plush toy is still fun to play with. It has 2 big adorable eyes, complete with eyelashes, and it just begs for a kiss.

it may be a perfect gift for a human being who actually has 'mono'. Perhaps a cute little toy that is styled after their infection will cheer them up.

GIANTmicrobes White Blood Cell Plush

White blood cells travel the circulatory system and seek out infection. They attempt to neutralize unwanted material in the bloodstream. Put this adorable little stuffed cell on the bed of any child: they will feel safer when they read about the importance of white blood cells in the human body. 

This little bug, in it's original incarnation, has caused the untimely destruction of millions of cows. On the other hand, as stuffed toy it's quite cute. The actual germ doesn't look like a cow, nor does it have adorable eyes that seem to say "moo!"

Each stuffed toy has a unique pattern of black and white splotches. Real cows do, too.

Cows contracting mad cow disease tend to have trouble standing and walking because the ailment eats away at their brain. You can read all about it in the tag that comes attached to the toy. Or, you can surreptitiously cut off the tag and have a fun toy to play with. The choice, as always, is yours.

GIANTmicrobes Fat Cell Plush

This anthromorphized fat cell looks almost too cute to be the cause of obesity. it resembles a baby chick dipped in pancake batter. Buy a couple fat cells to keep each other company: no one has just one fat cell.

Playing with a stuffed bear or stuffed horse gets boring quickly. A stuffed fat cell provides hours of reality-based fun for all ages.


There's probably not a specific microbe that causes bad breath, but one of them certainly looks like this. Give this cute toy to someone in your office who might need to focus on dental hygiene. Instead of directly telling them to brush and floss, this helpful hint will cause them to smile and just might get the point across.

GIANT Microbes - Salmonella (Salmonella typhimurium)

Restaurants and soup kitchens take great care to avoid and exterminate Salmonella microbes, lest they suffer a visit from the Health Department. This cute stuffed toy offers hours of fun for budding food inspectors and children of all ages. It's not going to make anyone sick. Pick up a few Salmonella microbes for fans of Larry The Cable Guy or Rachel Ray.

Fun and Educational Toys

No infection will result from giant microbe stuffed toys. Order a few to give to the budding scientists and doctors on your gift list. They provide an educational and fun experience, which is rare these days. They don't need batteries and they have no mechanical parts to wear out. They don't require an Internet connection or an activation key: simply unwrap and begin play.

You won't have to visit the clinic or the repair shop after playing with them.

Anthropomorphism is a term referring to the attribution of human characteristics to non-human things. Any gross and disgusting entity can be made adorable with a dab of color, two oversized eyes that are just the right distance apart, and a soft plushy coat.

Order a few giant microbe plush toys for the little kids and big kids on your gift list. They make great office gifts as well!


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    • saesha profile image

      saesha 7 years ago

      i wish i knew about this before christmas, i would definitely have bought one

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

      @drbj : Duly added.

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      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      Do you think you can find me a giant plush salmonella microbe plush toy?