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God of War: Best to Worst Rankings

Updated on July 6, 2016

God of War: Best to Worst Rankings

With the new God of War(GoW) trailer premier, I thought this would be a great time for me to rank my favorite one’s for you. Please know, this is my personal ranking based on gameplay and storyline. I am not including the portable games (Ghost of Sparta, etc) due to not everyone having been able to play those. Also, I am not breaking down the rankings, but rather, I am just giving a brief synopsis of why they ranked where they did. I do hope to write in-depth reviews of each game so be on the look out, but without further ado here we go!

  1. God of War-The original is always the best. This had everything a gamer could want! You have puzzles, action, awesome weapons, and a great storyline. Not to mention, it was semi-educational. The graphics for the time were exceptional as well.
  2. God of War III-The main reason this game is number 2 is because I got to face all the bosses (Greek Gods) that I had been hoping to fight since the first one! The graphics and storyline were really on point as well. The downside to this game was really the lack of puzzles. However, Krato really show-cased his ruthless side in this one.
  3. God of War Ascension- This game lacked in terms of foe’s. The furies just weren't on par with Zeus and Ares and the storyline wasn't as strong as some of the previous installments. The gameplay was a little different so I didn't feel the same rush of power Krato’s had in previous games because I battling the new configuration. However, the graphics were on point and once you were used to the new configuration, the game was fun to play.
  4. God of War II-This game more or less just didn't meet the excitement I had built up for it, which happens most of the time with sequels. Honestly, I thought the game dragged on for too long. I thought the gameplay was great because the really smoothed out some kinks for the original and the storyline was good-I still liked the original better. The bosses weren't as fun to face as it was in GoW III though.

Please keep in mind that I LOVED all the games but this is how I rank them in terms of liking to play. I own and love to play them all to this day. What is your favorite GoW game? Please fill out the poll below and cast your vote! Also, if you have any request for which GoW game you would like a review of, please just comment and I’ll try to get it done.

Lets hear from you, please take a moment to fill out the brief poll below!

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