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Gold coin collecting

Updated on January 30, 2014

1933 Gold Double Eagle Coin

Coin collecting dates back to the when coins were first issued for trading with people. Coin collecting only became known and practised around the middle Ages time, that's when people from all over the world started to turn coin collecting into a hobby. "why" because of the different pictures and art work that were printed on the front and back of coins, but of course for the historical value is one of the main reasons. Coin collecting was very popular with kids back when it all kicked off, as they didn't have the toys we have nowadays, they would turn coin collecting into a sort of game. Gold coins have been collected by many people and its an enjoyable, relaxing hobby that many choose to take on, but can be very expensive at times.

Collecting coins is still much alive today, many people still collect them and will always will, the gold coin collection has to be one of the most wanted collections of all, as this is very expensive for you to just go out and buy "well you could if you really wanted to just make sure you have millions in your bank account" the most expensive coin in the world was the 1933 Gold Double Eagle coin, this coin was an American coin in which it sold for a mind blowing eight million dollars, that's allot of money for a coin wouldn't you say.

I must say that its got much harder on finding older coins, sometimes you can find them on eBay, e bid and on the Royal Mint collection website. You might also want to go to auction houses, this will be the best option you could to take as there's less chance of you buying a fake coin, it sometimes can be a bit more expensive but if you want a good quality gold coin collection then that's what i suggest you do, collecting coins of this type are expensive and can put a dent in your wallet. There different types of collectors out there, some will buy a reasonable priced coin collection sticking to more common coins that we see in our everyday lifes. While others will go for the more expensive option which would be the likes of Roman coins, gold, silver, bronze.

Double Eagle coin

First currency.

The first ever currency knowned to humans was made from gold in 643 to 630 B.C. by the Lydians tribe, then later on it was followed by silver coins, which in the Greek empire was the main metal used for making coins. Different country's issued different types of coins some made from gold some made from silver, with many kings and images of famous buildings and scenery printed on them.

The gold coin was considered the most popular, the most valuable, it also demonstrated the power and the wealth of that country. None of these coins are in circulation no more, the price of one of the coins would be very expensive to buy, as they have become very rare. Gold is now used for other things such as jewellery or bars that people retain as an investment.

South Africa's 1967 krugerrand gold coin

In South Africa the first gold coin minted was the 1967 krugerrand, the coin really has no face value to it, but it there to stand as a symbol. The coin weight is one ounce gold, can be purchased for investment, or just to ad on to you collection. In 1979 Canada also made a gold coin which was the Gold Maple Leaf, And then in 1981 Australia made the gold Nugget.

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Australian Gold Nugget Coin

The Gold Maple Leaf and the Gold Nugget are worth more than the South Africa's gold coin, due to the highest gold purity. Many people collect gold as an investment because they speculate that the demand will cause its market value to increase. But there are others who just hold on to it as a form of insurance should the financial situation become worse this way they have something to fall back on.

Gold coins cant be spent any where today and that's why most collectors always realize that its a good investment for the future or there family, but if you haven't much money on disposal then it will be harder for you to start collecting these gold coins, don't get me wrong you might come across something you will afford, you just have to look in the right places, good luck and wish you all the best.

Coin Collecting VIDEO

Ebay sometimes you will find a good looking coin for a reasonable price, but it might not be in mint condition, as most sellers on eBay don't know how to handle there stock or they just don't care, but most of them are okay, just watch out for fakes, after you purchase the gold coin, take it to a coin dealer get him to check the mint and value of that particular coin, every coin as a different value as not all coins are all in good condition. Try and buy off a top rated seller as they tend to give you the best services on eBay and sometimes they offer refunds.


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    • wereview4u profile image

      Fernando Lacerda 6 years ago from London, Uk

      Thank you, Tamarii2 that is right many people have gold and silver coins that they don't even know they have, take this for an example my nan's best mate was 97 years old, she asked her grandson to go up in the loft and just check what's up there as she could not remember, half hour later he found a English gold and silver coin collection in mint condition, as they were in need of money they sold them on for 3 thousand pounds, i saw this collection and even tried buying some of the coins as i knew that someday they would be worth more than what it is now.

    • Tamarii2 profile image

      Tamarii2 6 years ago from NEW YORK

      People have old coins lying around and don't realize the history nor the value.Thanks for sharing and for following.