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Good Call of Duty Black ops 2 classes/ loadouts. (CoD)

Updated on March 21, 2013

Assualt Shield Loadout

Primary: Assault shield

Secondary: Any pistol with one attachment but I suggest the Kap-40

Perks: Lightweight, Scavenger, Fast hands, Extreme Conditioning

Lethal grenade: Combat axe

Tactical grenade: None

Wildcards: Perk 2 Greed

Overview: Okay so this may seem like a bit of an odd set up, but its actually very effective. The assault shield is unbelievably useful if you know how to use it and a lot of the time you will come away with the combat axe kill. But everyone misses sometimes, but instead of using danger close to have 2 combat axes, I use scavenger for two reasons.1. Enemies who see you throw a combat axe aren't just gonna let you walk right by them and pick it up but if there is a dead ody near by to scavenge you're all set to go. And 2. Pistols run out of ammo quick and you're gonna need scavenger to keep that Kap loaded. The reason I choose pistols as my secondary is because they are suprisingly effective. They allow you to run faster and do some good damage at medium to long range. The Kap-40 does its job at almost any range, the executioner is deadly at short ranges, and the other pistols are all great at just about the same range as the Kap. Now for the perks. Lightweight is important because it lets you close distance quick. If you block someone with the assault shield and they begin to reload you can charge them and shield bash them before they know what hit em. scavenger I've explained and fast hands is absolutely necessary. If your pistol runs out of ammo you might need that fast switch to your riot shield and you need the fast combat axe throw so you don't stay exposed for too long. Extreme conditioning lets you run longer, there isn't much else to say about that one but it can really be exchanged with any other red perk.


Light machine gun loadout

Primary: LSAT with grip, eotech sight, and fmj.

Secondary: None

Perks: Hardline or lightweight, Toughness, Dexterity.

Lethal grenade: Claymore

Tactical grenade: Shock charge

Wildcards: Primary gun fighter

Overview: The LSAT is great at any range and even more effective then a sniper at long range. Being an lmg is perfect for fmj. See an enemy duck behind a wall, just keep firing until you get hitmarkers and an awesome fmj kill. This gun tends to bounce around a bit, it's nothing too major but a grip definitely helps secure kills at long range. The eotech sight is purely preference, I don't like the iron sight but if you do feel free to put on a different attachment. The first perk will depend on play style. Some people like to take on a sort of sniper role with this gun which is perfectly viable, in that case take hardline. If you see yourself moving around more however then take lightweight because with the a lmg you will need it. For your second perk toughness is certainly the most viable since at long ranges a small flinch can cost you a kill. Dexterity is more for those short range scenarios. If you are running and you come across someone using an assault rifle or smg you need to be able to draw your gun as fast as possible and dexterity will let you compete with those using lighter guns. The claymore and shock charge will both be to cover your back in case you want to hang back and shoot from a position that has a few flanks. Overall this class is good at any range and has deadly efficiency.


Smg Loadout

Primary: Scorpion evo with suppressor, fmj, and fast mags or extended clip

Secondary: None

Perks: Ghost, Scavenger, Dead silence

Lethal grenade: Frag grenade

Tactical grenade: Smoke grenade

Wildcards: Primary gunfighter

Overview: I know a lot of people will say the pdw or peacekeeper are way better options. My reasoning for not using them is that the pdw simply doesn't have a good enough damage output and the peacekeeper is very difficult to level up because without fmj its like a marshmallow shooter. I pick the scorpion evo because it fits my play style when I wanna use an smg which is get in, get the kill, and get out before anyone knows i was there. The suppressor is necessary to avoid showing up on the radar while fmj counteracts the lost damage. This gun shoots very quickly so fast mag or extended clips are necessary. My choice is fast mag because eventually you will run out of bullets anyway so why not just have that there for when the time comes. Ghost will keep you from being exposed which is of vital importance in this class and dead silence adds to that stealthiness by making sure you don't make any noise to alert the enemy to where you are. Scavenger is necessary to keep up with all the bullets you will be losing with the insane fire rate of the scorpion. I use a frag because it can really come in handy in objective games where you know where people are gonna be, you can't count as much on stealth in that game type so might as well make sure you can take out those large groups from a distance with your trusty grenade. Smoke grenades once again add to that ninja-esque play style. I don't suggest just throwing them in any room you see an enemy but if you see you are outnumbered drop a smoke and get down. This is a very reliable close range class and its pretty fun trying to play that assassin role rather than that front line soldier that most play styles encompass.


Assault rifle loadout

Primary: MTAR with fast mags and fmj

Secondary: kap-40 with suppressor

Perks: Hardline, Fast hands, Dexterity

Lethal grenade: Frag grenade

Tactical grenade: Concussion grenade

Overview: People normally have a wide variety of ways they want to use their assault rifle, I pick the MTAR because it is just good at everything. Its that jack of all trades master of none type gun that has great accuracy and damage but neither are perfect. I like the MTAR's iron sights so I just stick with it and slap on fast mags since the MTAR's reload speed isn't astounding, and fmj because any gun can use a good damage and bullet penetration boost. I use the kap-40 with a suppressor just in case there is a moment where i have to try to stay hidden and because the kap is just always a good option. I use hardline for this class but really anything in that category is okay. I use fast hands so i can throw away incoming grenades and dexterity to get my gun up quick and get a jump on the enemy. The frag is always useful and for an assault type class it is an especially good option. Concussions are always good to throw in a room before entering so you can easily take out the slowed enemies and I don't know how many more flashed combat axe kills I have to get to show that flashbangs are not a viable option.


Sniper rifle loadout

Primary: DSR 50 with variable zoom and ballistic cpu

Secondary: preferred pistol with preferred attachment

Perks: Hardline, Fast hands, Dead silence or awareness

Lethal grenade: Claymore

Tactical grenade: Shock charge

Overview: The DSR can kill anyone with one shot as long as you hit from the stomach up and that's a pretty good deal. I use variable zoom simply for the flexibility and the ballistic cpu to give myself as much added accuracy as possible to make sure i get that one shot kill. In case you find yourself in a close range situation I suggest you bring along your favorite pistol (you already know my recommendation. I use hardline simply because I don't see much use in anything else except possibly lightweight. Fast hands is important in case you have to pull out your pistol in a tight situation. And I choose dead silence because my mic isn't good enough for awareness but I definitely suggest that first. But if you are in the same boat as me then pick up dead silence, it will come in handy when you have to move and possibly take out another sniper to grab your favorite spot. The claymore and shock charge are pretty obvious, they cover you while you do what you do best.


Shotgun loadout

Primary: Remington or ksg with long barrel and fast mags

Secondary: any

Perks: Lightweight, Cold blooded, Extreme conditioning or Dead silence

Lethal grenade: None

Tactical grenades: 2 smokes or concussions

Overview: The Remington and Ksg are both great options and are extremely effective at short to medium-short range. The ksg can go to medium range and sometimes longer but takes a bit more precision while the remington's range is shorter but missing is rare. No matter which you choose both can benefit from faster reloads and added range so fast mags and long barrel are highly recommended. Lightweight is practically a necessity since you will find yourself running around a lot of the time and cold blooded simply keeps people from noticing you since you will be sprinting in fairly open areas a good amount of the time. Extreme conditioning is important because for this class you almost always need to be mobile but if you have a different play style then dead silence is also viable. I skip on the lethals since you will be moving a lot and won't really have a chance to throw it accurately but I double up on my smokes incase i have to run into an area under heavy fire or im going in to a room with a few people because once you close distance you pretty much have the kill. Concussions are useful for the same basic idea it just all depends on preference.


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