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Good Deals On The Halo Reach Strategy Guide

Updated on March 27, 2011

Halo Reach Tips and Tricks

Advanced XBOX Live Tactics For Halo Reach

Halo Reach Strategy Guides seem to be getting a lot of attention from gamers. Not only does a strategy guide help you through the career mode in Halo Reach, but it also can give you a significant advantage in multiplayer and when you play online through XBOX Live. I just purchased a Halo Reach strategy guide on Amazon and was very surprised to see how much you can learn when it comes to strategy.

Halo Reach is a very intricate game filled with lots of secret spots, hidden weapons that can be overlooked, and vehicles that can end up being your worst enemy if you don't destroy it first. For example: The banshee can potentially kill your entire team on XBOX Live if you don't know how to blow it up and certain weapons will work better than others.

The strategy guide comes with all the details you need to know including the estimated range and power that weapons have and how to use them in certain combat situations. The strategy guide has a great section for the career mode walkthrough that can literally walk you through the entire career mode until you beat the game. It also has an amazing section for gamers that like to play on XBOX Live because it shares tactics that will give you the advantage. I've learned a lot of sniper spots that the strategy guide points out, and I've also discovered some really good places to stay when you have the sword.

Halo Reach is not your typical first person shooter game. Its designed in a way that requires strategy, advanced tactics and weapons that can counter another. The sword may be a great weapon to have, but if you are surrounded by enemies that are far away, its pretty much useless. The shotgun is extremely lethal at close range but it has no real advantage if your opponent is across the map trying to snipe you. All these factors create a dynamic gaming experience in a way that levels out the competition, sure weapons are important, but using grenades can mean the difference between winning and losing a match.

Due to the dynamic gameplay that Halo Reach offers, gamers love it. The game is not easy to master in a few days because there are so many factors that can change the pace of the game. However, the strategy guide can really help your gameplay, improve strategy and tactics that will prove to be useful online against other players. Overshields can create killing sprees and the invisibility icon can leave you invisible to attackers which can give you a significant advantage when it comes to making stealthy kills.


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