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Good Solo Strategy for Kino Der Toten

Updated on October 23, 2012

Solo Zombies on Kino Der Toten can be difficult but, with the correct strategy, it can work out very easily. You can get to really high rounds, higher than most people can on multiplayer, just by following some simple tactics.

Rounds 1-3

In round 1 to 3 you should stay in the lobby. On round 1 you should instantly buy Quick Revive, which you can buy three times. This means that when you get killed you go down instead and you get Mustang and Sally, which are the upgraded versions of the pistol. They basically turn into mini rocket launchers. They are useful for killing the horde but you do not get any points whilst down. On round 1 you should shoot the zombies 5 times in the leg and then knife them to get maximum points. This will get you 180 points per kill. On round two shoot the rest of your ammo into the enemies and try and let them in through the windows. This gives you the chance of getting drops such as double points, max ammo, Insta Kill, Nuke and Carpenter. All of these, except for Insta Kill will greatly help to increase your points tally. If you get a nuke try and wait until the end of the round before collecting it. This will give you maximum points. If you get a max ammo, you should shoot an entire magazine into the zombies before knifing and then at least one, preferably two, magazines into zombies on round three. If you did not get a max ammo then, at the end of round 2, you should buy a M14. Shoot them three times in the leg and then knife or, if you are getting over run, just shoot to kill, preferably with headshots. If their head falls off then they are a 1 hit knife so try and get the knife in for an extra 30 points. At the end of round three you should get to the MP40 room.

Rounds 4-6/ dogs

On round 4 you should have already bought the MP40. The Mp40 is one of the best guns for getting points in the game. You should just stay in this room until either round 6 or dogs. If dogs is on round 7, stay until the end of that. If dogs is on round 5, stay until the end of round 6. If dogs is on round 6 then just stay until the end of dogs. Remember to buy ammo if you are running low at the end of a round because it can often be quite difficult to make it to the MP40 in the middle of a round. Do not just stare into one place, even if you are just repairing a window. There is a high chance of zombies sneaking up behind you. If you cannot handle the amount of zombies then open the other doors early. This will give you more room to run around.

Round 6/7 onwards

After the dogs round then you should go through all of the doors to the stage and buy Juggernog instantly for 2500 points. It may sound like a lot but it lets you take about 6 or 7 hits before going down instead of the usual 2. Against dogs you are basically invincible. What you want to do for the most part is run around the zombies, doing something that the YouTuber “The Syndicate Project” invented. It is called the Rape Train. Basically you run around the zombies, not shooting and then, when you have a large horde of around 24 (the maximum amount of zombies that can spawn on solo) you turn around and shoot. When doing this on the stage, a few useful hints are to run up next to the turret, up the stairs, and then when all of the zombies are right behind you, jump off and run at the bottom section, as if you were running back up to the lobby. This helps you to straighten up your train. If you then run to the teleporter side and turn around and shoot for a couple of seconds this will give the zombies enough time to get down onto the lower layer, giving you the chance to run up the opposite stairs and run in the other direction. If the zombies at the far side are still a decent distance from you then wait a few seconds because any zombies at the top of the teleporter side will, instead of just running down the stairs, jump down the side, closer to the turret than the stairs are. This gives you the opportunity to run up the stairs whilst they are falling. You should also run all the way around the map, if necessary, as this gives you the opportunity to activate turrets and traps. This can help to get you out of tight spots. In terms of upgrading, I tend to upgraded the MP40 and the M16 first, as I find them to be two effective guns, then try out the box to see what I can get. If you are pack a punching a gun then try and waste all of the ammo in the original gun if it is automatic. This will give you more points and if one of your upgraded guns is out of ammo then always wait until your other runs out of ammo before buying ammo because if you get a max ammo after spending 4500 points on ammo, it is a waste. Always remember that, if you are cornered, you can sprint-jump over crawlers. You can sometimes use this to help you escape.

What is your Highest Zombies Round on Kino Der Toten?

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It Is Coming Out Soon With More Zombies!!!


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      gamer dude1345 5 years ago

      thanks for your help


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