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Traditional Toys or High Tech Gadgets

Updated on February 6, 2011

When I think of children's toys, I automatically think of traditional toys like spinning tops, jack in the box, snakes and ladders and Dolly's. What happened to these? Why are children as young as 7 or 8 asking for high tech gadgets such as mobile phones or laptops? Being a mother of two children, I do try and stick to as traditional as I can because in my eyes they are only young once and I don’t understand why parents would want their children to grow up any quicker than that and buy them toys and things which are older than their years.

You can’t beat good old traditional drawing and colouring in, it kept me occupied for hours when I was younger, drawing different things and using different types of crayons and pencils, but now you can buy battery operated gadgets and toys that you stick the pens into, turn it on and it draws you a nice pretty little picture or pattern, wheres the fun in that?

One thing that I bought my daughter was the “my first kitchen set” complete with pots and pans and every other utensil you could imagine and these really are great toys for creativity and learning through play, they are not overloaded with technology, they are simple and fun.

Now a days children from very early ages will spend all their time on hand held games consoles or video games, the imagination has gone. Children don’t spend enough time playing traditional toys and games with the television turned off and just being creative and using their imaginations but is this down to the children or parents? I’ll let you decide for yourself on that one.

Some of the top best selling traditional toys are pogo sticks, think of all the fun children will have on those (and of course the adults, don’t tell me you haven’t had a go) Lego, another toy I used to play with when I was a child, using imagination to build things and then play with it after it was built. Musical blow up rollers for infants, it contains a little bell and when pushed or rolled it makes a jingle noise, simple yet effective. Dolls houses, no technology involved just a fun way for girls to have hours of playing fun, speaking in those funny accents they do when the dolls are talking to each other.

I’m sure you can see where i’m going with this, I feel its a shame that a lot of children in this day and age spend to long with their high tech gadgets, on the games consoles or watching television. Get them outside or take them to the park and have some good ole fresh air. Just remember when its coming up to birthdays or Christmas, be imaginative yourself and look beyond the computers and modern technology when buying present, get a traditional toy and on a plus side, think of all the money you will save.


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    • vicki simms profile imageAUTHOR

      vicki simms 

      7 years ago from northamptonshire

      I'm glad you enjoyed it cookingdiva, thank you

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I like these traditional and building toys that is creative way to play for kids. Thank you sharing.

    • vicki simms profile imageAUTHOR

      vicki simms 

      7 years ago from northamptonshire

      At least it gave you a chance to play with the toy you always wanted lol, thank you for reading my hub!

    • kookoo88 profile image


      7 years ago from Cripple Creek

      Erector sets were one item that I always wanted as a kid. My son got one a couple of years ago and lost interest in it pretty quickly. *sigh*


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