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Grand Theft Auto 5 Bounty Hunter Missions Walkthrough and Locations Guide

Updated on September 19, 2013

Attention: If you haven't started Trevor's part of the GTA 5 storyline light spoilers may follow.

After starting Trevor's story arch in GTA 5 you will find Maude's stranger task in the northeastern corner of the yellow section of map. Maude will pay you to complete five bounty missions for her based on a picture and vague location of the target.

GTA5 Bounty Hunter Mission 1 - Ralph Ostrowski

The first bounty hunter mission is fairly simple. Maude will email you the file of Ralph Ostrowiski including a picture and his last know location, the quarry. The quarry is is located to the south east of the bottom right side of the yellow portion of the map, a place called Davis Quartz.

From the south east edge of the yellow portion of map, continue southeast across the railroad tracks and into the quarry. Ralph is located at the bottom of the quarry on the far eastern side. Approach him and try to take him in alive for the best reward.

GTA5 Bounty Hunter Mission 2 - Larry Tupper

Bounty Mission two tasks you with finding Larry Tupper with the only information being that he's hiding out in an old barn somewhere. The barn is located just below the southwestern portion of the yellow map area.

At the very bottom left side of the yellow area two roads come down to form a point that points towards the Vinewood area. Follow the point straight down until you come to a big right handed bend. The old barn is located on the side road between the bend.

GTA5 Bounty Hunter Mission 3 - Glenn Scoville

Next on the list is Glenn Scoville for bounty mission three. Very little information is given for Glenn besides he's an adrenaline junky and a picture of a mountain peak.

The mountain in question is Mount Chiliad located in the northwestern section of the map; directly north of the Alamo Sea. You can use a helicopter or plane to get there but the easiest way is a cable car that travels from the northwestern beach up to the top of Mount Chiliad. After exiting the cable car Glenn Scoville is on the opposite side of the mountain peak beside a dirt bike. Confront him and take him in alive.

GTA5 Bounty Hunter Mission 4 - Curtis Weaver

Bounty Mission 4, the final bounty mission, tasks you with finding Curtis Weaver; An old-timer who's only information is that he lives off the grid in a hobo camp.

The hobo camp is found on the norther middle tip of the map just under the section of the loan double highway that makes a loop shape.Travel south from the highway and enter the hobo camp where you will locate Curtis Weaver. Take him alive.


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