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GTA V Online: Rank Up Fast & Easy Street Racing (Earn Reputation Points)

Updated on October 24, 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online Level Up By Street Racing

There are many various ways to level up your character in Grand Theft Auto Online. The way you rank up is by earning reputation points which is essentially experience points. Reputation points are earned for doing jobs, escaping cops, killing enemies, doing gang war missions, racing and more. Racing, in particular, can be an extremely fast way to level up -- especially if you win races!

GTA V Land Races

Grand Theft Auto V Online has a ton of races. You can either join or host your own races. To enter a race, you can either use your phone to join a race or go into the start menu and host one of the many races in Los Santos and throughout the San Andreas country.Land Races are also marked on the map so you can see where the race is being held. If you enter that spot where the race is you can start the race from there as well.

Some street races in Grand Theft Auto Online have longer laps while others are much shorter. If you want to earn reputation points (and money) faster then you can participate in races that have shorter laps. Hosting your own game allows you to choose how many laps you want.


Which Race Track do you prefer in GTA V?

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GTA V Street Racing

Criminal Records Land Race

Criminal Records is one of the best (if not the best) race tracks to gain reputation points to level up in Grand Theft Auto Online. This map is basically a circle around a prison. There are no vehicles when traffic is turned on with the exception of a few parked cars. Criminal Records is a very easy race track to navigate because there are no big turns or bends. The main thing you should watch out for is the telephone poles on the side. The lap time on this map is very short which is another reason why it's good for leveling up on. You earn reputation points for completing laps.

Down The Drain

This is another good race track like Criminal Records. Down the Drain is also a map with a very short lap time. There are a couple of turns where you have to slow down to hit the checkpoints. However, other than that, it's a pretty easy race track to navigate. Watch out for garbage that may slow your vehicle down, though!


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Host Your Own Races in Grand Theft Auto Online

Leveling Up Even Faster on Street Races

Hosting your own races in Grand Theft Auto Online allows you set specific options like how many laps for the track. The host also can kick players from the lobby. This is good if you end up playing with players who like to race dirty and ram into you to win the race. You can simply kick them from the GTA V race!

To Rank Up Faster and easier, Set these options on Grand Theft Auto Online Land Races!

  • Laps set to 3 to gain reputation points
  • Set weather to noon or similar option so it's not raining (raining makes racing harder)
  • Set it to Sports Cars or Super class so the race gets done faster
  • Turn Civilian Cars off

As for custom cars, that is your choice! I would not recommend putting them on unless you have a custom car that has upgraded engines and turbo. It will be much more difficult to win the races in GTA V if you are racing against players who have upgraded their cars when you have not. However, if you do have a very fast vehicle that is upgraded, then by all means turn custom cars on! You will actually have an advantage on players who are not using custom vehicles.

Why Set Laps to 3 in GTA V races?

I have not fully verified this, but as far as I know, you do not gain any additional reputation points for completing laps when there are more than 3 laps. For that reason, it is pointless to set more than 3 laps if you are trying to gain reputation points to rank up. You must replay. Rockstar is always updating GTA V so this could change.

Good look leveling up in Grand Theft Auto V online!


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