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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Complications

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Simeon's Dealership

Unlocked After: Repossession

Simeon is having some trouble with one of his customers. He fears that he's going to be stiffed on a bill, and he needs Franklin to go off and repossess a nice little car while its owner is distracted. The fun never stops with this guy, not for a second.

- Talk to Simeon outside of his dealership. He'll provide you with the mission and tell you to vamoose immediately.

- Avoid Simeon after the cut scene ends! He's currently talking to a customer, and if Franklin gives off the wrong vibe the mission will go pear-shaped. This includes stealing any cars nearby, climbing on the customer's car, or otherwise interrupting the deal in progress. In short, leave the lot as soon as you can.

- Drive to the house. Along the way, Simeon will send you some details about the heist, including the fact that the garage is locked. You'll have to find an alternate way in.

- Hop over the gate to the left of the fenced-in driveway once you arrive at your destination.

- Press down the left joystick to enter Stealth Mode. In Stealth Mode you can move around without alerting people around you to your presence, so long as you remain out of their line of sight. You become more stealthy the longer you remain in Stealth Mode, so it pays to practice between missions.

- Sneak up behind the gardener with the leaf blower while in Stealth Mode and knock him out. Stay in Stealth Mode or he'll turn around and blow your cover. Don't kill the poor guy, either.

- Make your way to the rear of the house. Under an awning on the south side is a truck you can climb onto. Use it to get on top of the awning. Crawl through the nearby window and pause in the bathroom.

- Remaining in Stealth Mode, make your way downstairs. Avoid the two rooms that are quite obviously occupied at the moment. (The bickering is fun to listen to, as well.)

- Go downstairs and head towards the kitchen. Don't worry about the distracted couple in the kitchen, they won't see you so long as you keep to yourself. Take a left halfway down the hall to find the garage.

- Hop into the car and take it back to Simeon's dealership. Partway through the drive the mission will go just a little screwy. Keep driving safely to your destination… and, as ordered, plunge the car through the front window of the dealership. It's a bit difficult to see from a distance, but you more or less just have to drive straight at the dealership from where you're parked when you hit the last waypoint.

- You now have to beat up Simeon. The game gives you all the prompts you need to get through this part of the mission in one piece. Dodging and countering is the easiest way to take out Simeon without taking any hits yourself. If for some reason you have trouble beating him (unlikely), you can retreat to the top of the car and wait for your health to regenerate before returning to the fray.

Gold Star Completion

Time - Complete the mission within five minutes. Not too difficult, though you'll really have to plow through the traffic when you're driving.

Can't Touch This - Take no damage while fighting with Simeon. Countering wins the day. So long as you don't button mash this should be relatively easy.

Dirt Nap - Knock out the gardener with a stealth attack. Only problematic on the speed run. Wait until you're almost to him before you enter Stealth Mode. His leaf blower covers most of the sounds of your movement.


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