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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Death at Sea

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael

Location: Paleto Cove, by the Sonar Collections Dock

Unlocked After: Purchasing the Sonar Collections Dock

Michael is kind of a sucker for wild tales, and when he goes out to the docks of western Los Santos a slick woman spins him quite a whopper. Will Michael fall for it and actually comb the waters of the Pacific for pieces of a lost submarine? Or will he back out and save himself a lot of time? Well, if you're reading this...

- Buy the Dock for $230,000. A little expensive, but near the latter half of the game you should have little trouble shelling out enough cash. It doesn't matter who owns the Dock.

- Take Michael out to the waypoint on the dock.

- Watch the cut scene. Ooo, insurance fraud.

- A dinghy will now appear at the Dock. Use this to find the pieces.

Simple enough scam: find the pieces of the wrecked submarine. They'll appear marked on the map - you just have to head to the green spots and look for the pieces. Once there, zone in on the location using the radar, and jump into the water to scuba down and retrieve the piece. These spots will only appear when you're on this specific dinghy, so don't go looking for an alternate mode of transportation.

Paleto Bay, Part One

The first piece is northwest of Paleto Bay. Dive when you find the sonar spot and you'll come across what appears to be the wreck of a passenger plane. Look for the split in the hull and you'll find the submarine piece just inside.

Paleto Bay, Part Two

Next up is another piece, probably in the same wreck, just a little ways north. You won't even have to surface to get to it. The piece is near what appears to be the plane's cockpit.

Paleto Bay, Part Three

Unlucky plane. Dive down into the trench just beyond the plane's nosecone, where you found the second piece. The third is lying beside one of the engines.

Chumash, Part One

Next up is the coastline southwest of the Hookies property. This piece is by another set of wreckage, this a big pair of turbines.

Chumash, Part Two

North of the last piece you'll find the body of another plane, this gutted with rust and open to exploration. Inside you'll find the piece as well as a fair amount of money.

Chumash, Part Three

Exit the plane through the opposite end and you'll find a trench in the sea floor. The third piece of the area is almost directly below you, beside a flat piece of wreckage.

Chumash, Part Four

Leave the trench and head a little ways west. You'll find the rest of the plane near the next set of radar blips. Look for the remains of the plane's landing gear, sunk into the sea floor, and you'll find the piece beside the wheels. The approach on this one's a little annoying; I advise coming at the wheels from the opposite side and sliding past them, between the landing gear and the flat piece of wreckage.

Chumash, Part Five

Check out the final piece of wreckage, yet further west. Inside the plane's front half, behind a ladder leading into the cockpit, is the final piece in the Chumash area.

Fort Zancudo, Part One

The next piece is off the shores of Fort Zancudo. Dive down at the middle of the radar blip and you'll see numerous things shining below you; the piece is beneath a chunk of boat hull.

Fort Zancudo, Part Two

The second piece in this area is on the boat itself, a short distance away. Check the rear of the ship and you'll find it by a set of stairs.


The big city! Your next trip, far to the south, is to the Bridge in Banning, just north of Elysian Island. Once you find the radar point, hop out of the dinghy and dive below the dock. The piece is underneath.

Cypress Flats, Part One

Pilot your dinghy through the canals east of the last piece. You'll quickly find a looping freeway. Dive into the water a smidge easter from here (no eggs required) and you'll find the piece beside a large, sunken pulley.

Cypress Flats, Part Two

Head north of the last piece, down a long straightaway. South of a Sea Race starting line you can dive down and find some wreckage. The piece is in the wreckage.

Terminal, Part One

Head east along the docks to the north side of Terminal. On the western edge, right beside the road (and near a tanker) you'll see concrete guide posts sticking out of the water. Dive to the bottom of these posts and you'll find the piece.

Terminal, Part Two

Drive alongside the tanker. At roughly its midsection, dive down. Below is another piece, sitting beside two half-buried containers.

Terminal, Part Three

Drive to the end of the tanker. Take a dip and you'll spot the piece.

Terminal, Part Four

Past the tanker, around the docks to the right, and down the south end of the east end of Terminal. The piece is sitting atop some buried scaffolding below.

El Burro Heights, Part One

You'll find the next piece east of the previous piece, way out from shore to the south of El Burro Heights. Dive down and you'll see, yep, another crashed plane. The piece is under the right wing.

El Burro Heights, Part Two

Planes seem to be magnets for submarine parts. Swim over to the opposite side of the plane. You won't see the piece, but you will find it by touching a clump of greenery. Look for coral with a pinkish growth on top.

El Burro Heights, Part Three

Always one at the front. Swim to where the cockpit should be. It's not there - but in the section of plan you can actually enter you'll find another piece.

Terminal Return, Part One

Swing back to the south side of Terminal. A ways off shore and into the water you'll see a rusted pipe. The piece is at the end of the pipe. (No, you can't go in. Stop trying.)

Terminal Return, Part Two

Head to the waters south of, and between, Terminal and the large warehouse to its left. Dive down and you'll find the piece on the ocean floor. No real markers to help you find it, save, perhaps, an outcropping of rock over it.

Elysian Island

There's a stretch of water between the aforementioned warehouse and Elysian Island, west of Terminal. Dive down at the tip of this stretch to find the piece, sitting atop some scaffolding that resembles the prow of a ship.

Los Santos International Airport

Hop into the waters between the airport and Elysian Island, right where the area narrows. Swim down here to find a piece of rusty scaffold. The piece is propped against the outside of it, on the end nearer to the airport.

Palomino Highlands, Part One

Another long drive! Head along the east coast of Los Santos until you come to a set of islands, just south of a Sea Race. Dive down and you'll find a massive sunken tanker. The piece is near the prow of the tanker, propped against the edge on the left side.

Palomino Highlands, Part Two

Swim down to the break in the ship. Inside the cargo hold you'll see several containers sticking out. The piece is behind one of these containers.

Palomino Highlands, Part Three

Swim to the other half of the ship, again into the cargo hold. The piece is at the rear of the hold.

Palomino Highlands, Part Four

Almost done. Swim to the front of the ship and dive down to the bottom of it. Beside a set of stairs on the underbelly of the ship (if you can call its side an underbelly) you'll find the last piece of this area.

Mount Gordo, Part One

The last long drive. Head up the coast to Mount Gordo's waters, northeast of a spot where you can do Yoga. The radar blips will lead you to an underwater biplane. The piece is beside it…

Mount Gordo, Part Two

… and the last piece is nearby. Look for two large, mossy rocks ahead. The piece is at the base of them.

Switch to another character, sleep somewhere convenient, then switch back to Michael once he's returned (on his own) to civilization. You'll promptly get a call from Abigail, asking Michael to meet her in the same spot as last time. This unlocks another mission… but, ah… well, you can see for yourself. All I can say is, be inventive.


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