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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Exercising Demons - Trevor

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Vinewood Hills

Unlocked After: Reuniting the Family, Exercising Demons: Franklin

Mary-Ann is easily one of the most high-strung and intense characters in Grand Theft Auto V. So much so, in fact, that only one person could possibly top her: the deranged psychopath with a heart of gold known as Trevor Philips. So when these two imposing forces finally meet up, it's perhaps inevitable that Trevor, who's always intimidating others, falls for his equal in the world of psychoses...

- Drive up to the tip-top of Vinewood Hills. Your target is the radio tower dominating the sky.

- Hop out and approach the two cyclists nearby. Yep, it's her again.

- Watch the cut scene. Love at first sight, truly.

Ahhh, another race with the lovely Mary-Ann. Trevor's virtually her twin, and, well, you wouldn't want to disappoint him by having him lose to the girl of his dreams. Here are some tips for beating Mary-Ann in this race against destiny.

- This whole race is spent on bikes. If you've ridden a bike before - likely - you'll know that they're sharp on turns unless you give the control stick the gentlest of taps. That remains true here. Go light on the turns as much as you can. Swerve too much and you're going to go flying.

- You're better off spending the first part of the race in Mary-Ann's dust, but only by a small margin. Keep up with her and focus more on getting down the hills in one piece. Once you get off the heavy slopes you can open up the speed and catch up to her a bit. If you really want to dominate the race, make sure you do it early - once you move past the first slope the hills get really tricky.

- Stay away from Mary-Ann. If you hit her you'll likely go flying off the track and way down the hill.

- Pay very close attention to the directions on the checkpoints in this race. It goes without saying that they tell you where to go, and here in particular you'll go way off track if you don't pay enough attention.

- Near the end of the course you'll hit a straightaway that leads down a road. Don't take a sharp turn onto this road! You're likely to smash into a parked car! Be a bit gentle on the turn, then go full throttle the rest of the way to the goal. You can easily bypass Mary-Ann on this stretch if she's in the lead, and if she isn't you'll have plenty of space to catch up.

- The goal is through a narrow passage. Be prepared for this, and try to hit it dead on. Any deviation and you'll go flying.

Gold Medal Completion

Good Cyclist - Don't anger Mary-Ann by cycling into her. The best way to do this is to stay behind Mary-Ann early in the track, when you're still on the steepest inclines. Wait until the land levels out a bit, then blast past her when you're at less risk of crashing into her.

Quick Win - Win the race within 1:42. Bash the controller on this one. Every time you're on even a remotely small straightaway, go for speed. Once you hit the concrete, tap the acceleration like you've got no tomorrow.


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