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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Eye in the Sky

Updated on September 27, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin, Trevor

Location: Los Santos Police Department

Unlocked After: I Fought The Law…

Trevor and Franklin are getting really cozy with each other as partners, and this time they get to pull a job without Michael. Trevor's in the chopper, for once not flying, while Franklin tails a guy with a really sweet car. Can they pull off Devin's request and steal some awesome wheels? Time to find out.

- Head to the police department as either character. After the time skip, head to the front desk.

- Go through to the rear door. Head up to the helicopter on the roof.

- Hop into the chopper.

- Time for some scanning fun. Point the radar tracker towards the blue box on the horizon. This will let the pilot know to head that direction. Once you get close enough, the tracker will pick up Franklin. Scan him to start a goofy little conversation.

- Reposition the scanner and wait for the helicopter to head to the next batch of blue boxes. Scan them all. Your guy isn't here.

- Head to the third bundle of boxes. The guy you want is also the first one you'll come across; he's one of two people standing out front of a well-lit building. It looks like the pair of them are arguing. Scan him and the rest of the boxes will vanish.

- Follow the guy when he leaves. Keep the scanner centered on him. If he disappears behind an obstruction, move ahead a little bit and wait for him to reappear. His path is pretty logical.

- Once he reaches a garage he'll be interrupted by Franklin. A chase will ensue - though your part in the chase is to keep your scanner on him at all times. Zoom out a bit and follow as best you can. The guy's car is a black Z-Type, and he'll be driving rather erratically. Be prepared for him to divert down alleys and ditch through bushes.

- The guy will wind up in a parking garage. Turn in infrared and use it to scan for heat signatures. First look for Franklin, who's standing up, and zoom in on him. Then move the scanner to the silhouette that's furthest to the left. The guy's sitting in a car and looking around a bit.

- Swap to Franklin. Hop in the car and drive it out of the parking lot. Get the Z-Type to Devin's hangar at the airport in one piece. With liberal use of your special ability and some careful driving, that should not be a problem. Be sure to kill the driver before getting in the car, though - if you let him live, he'll call the cops, and you'll have a merry chase halfway through the drive.

- Take the car into the hangar. After the cut scene, jump into a different car and drive out again.

Gold Medal Completion

Not a Scratch - Deliver the Z-Type with no damage. Easy enough if you kill the guy and have a leisurely drive to the airport.

Eavesdropper - Listen to three conversations. While you're in the helicopter you can scan for, and listen to, people chatting away. Do so three times to earn this achievement. Easy enough.

I See You - Find Chad's hiding place on the first attempt. He's the furthest guy to the left.


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