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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Monkey Business

Updated on October 3, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael, Franklin, Trevor

Location: San Chianski Mountain Range

Unlocked After: Derailed

Remember the cash you picked up from that robbery the other day? The FIB has put it to good use, and in doing so planned a daring raid on a chemical manufacturer. Now Michael, fighting alongside Steve and Dave, must infiltrate the place by sea, steal a threat to American freedom, and get out again without dying. Ahh, the land of liberty.

- Head to the eastern coastline as one of the three characters. Michael and Trevor are your best candidates, as Franklin will face a much, MUCH longer drive.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Jump to Michael. Drive the boat a short way down the coast until you hit the waypoint.

- Swim to the grate in the side of the cliff edge after you've dived into the water. Don't bother tapping while you swim, you won't move any faster.

- Cut through the grate using the cutter. Concentrate the cutter on the green points around the edges of the grate. Only use the cutter when you're on top of the marked sections - you have a limited amount of use on the thing. You'll know you're on target if you see a bright flare of light.

- Follow Dave and Steve through the tunnels. Once you surface, head for the ladder.

- Head into the next room. Using the Stun Gun, drop the scientist. Further down the hall you'll have to do the same to another guy. Don't kill anyone.

- The elevator will open and a guy will be on board. Zap him and grab his Security pass when he falls.

- Take the elevator. At the top, take out the lab techs in the adjoining room. Follow.

- Take cover with Dave and Steve. Two security guys pass through; either zap them or remain hidden. (Zapping is more fun.)

- Use the Pass on the next door by approaching it.

- Let Steve and Dave handle the next part. Leave the scientist who comes in after-the-fact untouched. Once the next door is open, run in and grab the Nerve Agent.

- Take out the two scientists, then follow Dave and Steve on the escape route.

- Uh oh, live ammo. Take cover at the side of the door and kill the next two guys.

- The next few sections are relatively straightforward shooting galleries. Take up positions of cover as you move through the corridors. Wait for the enemies to shoot, then pop up and give them a few bullets for their trouble. Pretty easy so long as you stay in cover the majority of the time.

- After a long push you'll wind up outside. Take the Agent to the refrigeration unit in the nearby crate.

- Hop to Trevor. Time for an aerial pickup. Swoop in low and slow over the complex and get in overtop of the crate. You don't need to land, you just need to hover overtop the crate. Look for the orange flare if you need guidance, and use the overhead view to get the job done.

- After the cut scene, raise the chopper back into the air and fly to the airfield. Now the real tricky part of the mission: getting the crate onto the back of the flatbed on the airstrip without trashing the crate in the process. Bring the chopper in low and slow over the rear of the flatbed, turning with the rudders as needed to keep the chopper steady. As soon as you get the notification to drop the crate, take it - a cut scene will cover the rest.

- Land the chopper on or beside the waypoint. Stupid waypoint. Can't you guys walk fifteen feet?

- Hop to Trevor. Share an incredibly emotional ride with Patricia.

Gold Medal Completion

Stunner - Stun eight enemies with the Stun Gun. Catch everybody you come across until the bullets start flying and you'll net this one.

Headshots - Kill fifteen enemies with headshots. This isn't too bad, as the hallways are straight and the enemies plentiful. Auto aim, nudge upward a tiny bit, and fire.

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%. A cake walk, for the most part. Auto aim makes this real easy.

Time - Complete within 13:30. Not that difficult to achieve; just don't get lost in the swimming sections. The helicopter parts can also eat up a lot of time, so you'll need to be fast and accurate on your pickup and delivery. Make sure you land on or near the stupid waypoint at the airstrip!

Even though it's technically an unrelated mission, I'll drop this one in here, as well, since it's available right after Monkey Business.

Hang Ten

Character: Trevor

Location: Vespucci Beach, Floyd's house

Unlocked After: Monkey Business

- Drive out to Floyd's home in Vespucci Beach, the same place where Trevor spent so many memorable days.

- Watch the cut scene. Ooooooh Trevor.

- Hop in the truck with Wade. Drive out to the strip club.

- Head inside with Wade. Trevor… Trevor does Trevor-ish things. Oh lord.

Gold Medal Completion

Time - Complete the mission within 4:00. The only thing holding you back here is how long it takes to drive from Floyd's home to the strip club. Very, very easy.


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