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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Paleto Score Setup

Updated on October 1, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Michael, Trevor

Location: Sandy Shores

Unlocked After: Caida Libre

The trio is ever on the lookout for a big wad of money, and unfortunately, their FIB overseers aren't willing to provide. Worse, when they come calling for new jobs to be done, the FIB gleefully expects the guys to foot the bill for equipment costs themselves. What does this mean? It means knocking down a bank to get the dough, of course... though something like that needs at least a bit of planning.

- Head to the Liquor Ace store in Sandy Shores. You need to approach the couch on the second floor; go in through the back.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Hop to Michael. Get in the car and drive towards the bus stop in Paleto Bay. The conversation along the way is hilarious.

- Drive the car to the bank once Lester's in town. There's a waypoint out front. Focus on the bank.

- Drive to the waypoint at the rear.

- After the next short conversation, pull out a gun and shoot the alarm on the rear of the bank. It's a small, green box beside the grey door.

- Drive to the gas station across from the bank and watch from the waypoint. Stay in place until the cops are done. Trevor will hop out of the car and run away; switch to him.

- Race back to Liquor Ace on a dirt bike as Trevor. The route he chooses takes you through the mountains and, at first, across some rather hairy terrain. Don't sweat it too much - there are some tricky turns, but so long as you don't operate full throttle while you're in the mountains it's quite easy to stay well ahead of Michael and Lester. (You may be able to drive this race as Michael, as well. Honestly not sure. Feel free to comment.)

After you make it back you'll have to plan a heist, though this time around you only have one option as to the plan. Your only choice here is in the gunman you choose to carry it out; either Gustavo Mota or Chef are optimal. If you choose the other guys your results won't be so hot. (Though you'll make more money. Yes, I went cheap.)

Gold Medal Completion

Leisurely Drive - Drive to the bank within 3:30. This can be a bit trickier than it sounds. You have to get from Sandy Shores to Paleto Bay in a relatively short period of time, and there's a lot of ground to cover. My best suggestion is to not take too many risks and simply make the most of the straightaways between the two districts. Once you're in Paleto Bay you may also want to turn off the main road and use back roads to get to the bank, as you'll encounter less traffic.

Winner - Win the race back to the meth lab. Cut across the grassy terrain in the mountains, then drive straight and true until you get to Sandy Shores. There are plenty of spaces back in the desert where you can cut straight across the turf and save a lot of time.


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    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Can't wait to get my hands on GTAV this christmas!! .. (although I still haven't finished GTAIV lol)