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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Paparazzo - The Partnership

Updated on September 26, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: West Vinewood

Unlocked After: Paparazzo - The Sex Tape, Three's Company (I think)

Ahh, Franklin has the blood of the paparazzo flowing through his veins. Once again he's been conned into helping shameless photographer Beverly, and once again Franklin will probably get scammed out of the money he's owed. Will he put up with this treatment? Or will, at long last, Franklin put his foot down and give Beverly what he deserves...?

- Drive to West Vinewood. You're looking for the parking lot of a restaurant.

- Park or walk near the dumpster. That scamp beverly will jump out and take your picture. Cut scene ensues.

- Drive away from Beverly's, ah, hiding spot.

- Wait for him to send text messages regarding your 'targets'. These will be marked not he map as Photo Opportunities.

Photo Opportunity One - The Meltdown

- Head to Downtown Vinewood.

- You'll get a tip that your old friend Poppy is being chased by the cops. Pursue!

- You need to keep up with the chase without actually interfering. Stay on the tail of Poppy and the cops without ever getting in their way. This means no shooting, no ramming, no breaking the law. If you so much as bump either of the cars the mission will end in failure. Stick with them until Poppy hit a tree.

- Once they're out, wait until Poppy is being cuffed and get a shot of her being led away to the police cruiser using your phone's camera. Send it off to Beverly.

Gold Medal Completion

Thick of it - Stay on their tail throughout the chase. No crashing. With Franklin's ability this isn't too difficult.

DUI Diva - Snap Poppy after she's been cuffed. Wait for the officer to put Poppy in handcuffs before immortalizing the moment.

Photo Opportunity Two - The Highness

- Head to Mirror Park.

- After hearing from Beverly, head towards the waypoint on the map.

- Once the contact is done talking you can get a picture of the princess, behind the store. The guy recommends climbing onto the building to get the shot…

- … but you needn't be so fancy. There's a small concrete structure with shutters beside the building. Go around back of it and you'll have a perfect shot of the drug deal in progress. Just don't edge out too far, or the security guys will spot you.

- Take the picture and send it to Beverly.

Gold Medal Completion

Silent Snapper - Snap the princess without being detected. You fail if you're detected, so you don't have much choice in the matter.

Royal Drag - Snap the princess buying the drugs. Wait until money is actually changing hands before you take the shot. This comes just after she finishes describing her looks.

Wait a little while and you'll get another mission regarding Beverly… the last mission.

Paparazzo - Reality Check

- Head to the waypoint in West Vinewood after the previous mission.

- Watch the cut scene.

- Franklin will start to walk away. Don't be too quick - you might as well savor this moment where Beverly gets what's coming to him.

- Use whatever method you like to take him out. Yes, you get to kill him. Don't forget to still the money from his corpse after the fact.

Gold Medal Completion

Explosive Action! - Kill Beverly and his crew with one shot. A Grenade Launcher would do nicely, don't you think?


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