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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Skills

Updated on October 9, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Making a return from Grand Theft Auto III, Skills form the backbone of your character's interactions with the world. Starting at different points for each character - though ultimately upgradeable as you go along - Skills determine how good Michael, Franklin, and Trevor are at the various things they do whenthey venture out into the world.

Below is a listing of each Skill in Grand Theft Auto V. Also listed are the things you can do to improve that Skill.


Each character has a special ability. Using the special ability drains the yellow bar near your health; the higher this Skill is, the longer you can use each character's special ability. All three characters can increase their Special Skill by driving at high speeds, as well as the following.

Michael - Get a lot of headshots. Fairly easy with his special ability. Poerforming stealth kills will also increase this Skill.

Franklin - Perform a lot of tricky driving maneuvers, namely almost crashing into cars without actually doing so.

Trevor - Take hits and kill enemies. Pretty straightforward.


This Skill determines how long the character can physically exert themselves at high speeds without taking damage. This includes tapping buttons to make the character go faster while running, swimming, or cycling. When Stamina runs out you'll begin to take damage. You can improve Stamina by performing any of the above at top speed.


Guns play a huge role in Grand Theft Auto games, and your Shooting skill will allow your characters to reload faster, aim better, and suffer less recoil. Shooting can be improved through gun battles where you land hits, particularly head shots, as well as participating in Shooting Range challenges at Ammu-Nation outlets.


Flex those muscles. The Strength Skill improves your character's physical power, allowing them to throw stronger punches, hit harder with melee weapons such as knives or nightsticks, and climb ladders more quickly. It can also reduce damage taken. You can improve Strength by landing hits on opponents and participating in sports, such as Golf and Tennis.


Keep on the downlow. By clicking the left control stick your character will enter Stealh Mode; the Stealth Skill will improve the chances that the character will not be noticed by anyone nearby. You can improve Stealth by entering Stealth Mode and remaining undetected, or by performing quiet kills or takedowns while in said mode.


Yes, you have to fly a lot in this game, and even Franklin should pick this one up. The higher your Flying Skill, the better your character will be at fighting turbulence, remaining level, and landing a plane or helicopter smoothly. You can improve the Flying Skill by Flying for long periods of time and completing Flight School challenges as Los Santos INternational Airport.


A big one in a game so jam-packed with cars. Driving dictates your character's ability at making tight turns and navigating your vehicle without losing control. Characters with a low Driving score will be noticeably more difficult to steer through the city. You can improve Driving by driving around at high speeds, and, as far as I know, skirting close to other vehicles without actually taking hits.

Lung Capacity

Largely a water-based Skill. Lung Capacity dictates how long you can breathe underwater before taking damage. Lung Capacity may also have some bearing on those few missions where breathing on land plays a factor (though I haven't tested this, to be honest). Lung Capacity can be increased by swimming underwater - which, I believe, is slightly faster anyway - and practicing Yoga.


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