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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: Targeted Risk

Updated on October 2, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Pillbox Hill

Unlocked After: Liquidity Risk

Did you think you were rid of Dom? Not a chance. Franklin's least favourite risk taker is back at it, and this time he's decided to leap off of an enormous building - one of the biggest in Los Santos. Is Franklin game? Or will he decide, perhaps wisely, that getting on top of the Maze Bank requires too much effort? Mmmm... probably not. Sigh.

- After finishing Liquidity Risk you'll hear from Dom that he's headed to the Maze Bank in Pillbox Hill. This is great and all…

- … except that he's on top of the bank. And it's easily one of the tallest structures in Los Santos, possibly THE tallest. There's no way up from the bottom, so you'll have to steal yourself a plane or helicopter.

- The easiest way to accomplish this theft, given that Franklin doesn't start off with available flight perephenelia, is to head to the hospital in Davis (southeast of the strip club). Climb to the roof and you'll find two helicopters. Steal one, fly up to the top of the Maze Bank, and either land or parachute out.

- Approach Dom to initiate the cut scene. He's on the edge of the building, below the landing zone atop the bank. Guy is crazy.

Your next mission is to land on the flatbed truck far below. This is tricky, but not as tricky as it sounds, since the truck is going relatively slow. Here are some tips.

- You'll notice that Dom pulls his parachute very soon after jumping off the roof. Follow suit.

- You'll also notice that Dom quickly plunges towards the ground. This is not as good an idea - if you aim for the truck doing this, you run the risk of hitting Dom on the way down. Circle around a little bit while you wait for the truck to emerge from the shadow of the building.

- Once Dom is safely out of the way, aim straight down so you get in close to the ground, then level out again. Once the truck is safely away from obstructions (ie the surrounding buildings), come in for a safe, clear landing. Once you touch the back of the truck you'll stop dead, so don't worry too much about speed tossing you over the side.

Gold Medal Completion

Daredevil - Fall for eight seconds before opening the chute. This is risky, yes, but you just need to count down the time. As soon as you hit eight seconds, pull the ripcord. Sail out over the bridge and turn back once you're clear of the buildings to prepare for your landing. If you're feeling very risky you can wait until you're almost to the truck before pulling the cord, but your timing has to be perfect.

Bullseye - Land perfectly on the back of the truck. If you land on the truck you'll pretty much get this achievement by default. If you don't, well… redo.


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