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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Construction Assassination

Updated on October 2, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: La Mesa

Unlocked After: The Bus Assassination

Last time, Franklin assassinated a guy by using a bus. The time before that he killed a guy who was out looking for a good time, and before that? A bunch of jurors. He needs a juicy target, somebody who will provide an actual challenge, and on this particular run he may have it. Lester's targeting a construction magnate on this assassination, and we're talking about a man with some heavy connections to the mob...

- Head to the waypoint in La Mesa. The phone you're looking for is outside a Liquor Market.

- Watch the cut scene. Yep, this time you're expected. Sounds like fun.

- Head to the waypoint to the west. You're looking for a construction site in Pillbox; specifically, you want to park across the street.

- Standing out front of the construction site is a guy in a suit. He'll get mad and pull a gun on you if you get too close, alerting his compatriots nearby. Feel free to hit him first by sniping him from across the street. Stand in the mouth of the parking garage to maintain your cover.

- If you went the rough-and-tumble way, a bunch of guys will spawn and come at you. Take them down from cover. Again, across the street is a pretty safe spot to do this, though there are some posts inside the construction lot which will serve as adequate cover.

- Kill enough guys and a truck will show up at the rear of the lot. Kill them off with a quick Grenade.

- Jump in the elevator at the waypoint. It will carry you up a fair distance. Be ready for another gunfight when you emerge, though not as bad a one as on the ground. Pick your way to the next elevator across the floor, always eliminating the current group of guys before moving on to the next.

- This elevator will take you to the roof. As soon as you're up there, take cover behind the green boxes in front of you, as guys will immediately start shooting. Take out the guy immediately ahead, then focus your fire on the chopper. If you can destroy it immediately, great; if not, take out the gunner at the side door, then focus your fire on the cockpit. If you bring down the chopper - or aim properly - you'll kill the target as well. For safety's sake, kill the rest of the guys on the roof, as well as the one positioned on the crane.

- Look for a Parachute. There are two of them up here. Jump off the roof and flee.

- Throughout this journey upward, you may notice - especially if you're sneaking around - that you can climb the yellow crane to get a shot at the guy. As far as I can tell, trying to do this is unwise. There's a sniper up on the crane already, and as you're ascending you'll almost certainly be spotted. You're more or less a sitting duck. Take the normal route up.

Gold Medal Completion

Time - Complete the mission in a timely manner. This doesn't seem to factor in as much in this mission - I completed it in 17:00 minutes on my first try, and I still got gold. Take your time picking apart the baddies on your way up, but don't linger overly long.

No Fly Zone - Shoot down the target's helicopter. If you've got rockets, great. If not, shoot for the pilot. Franklin isn't amazing at shooting, but he can get this done with some decent aim.

Money Earned - If you get gold you'll earn $10,000. Not a bad score.


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