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Grand Theft Auto V Walkthrough: The Long Stretch

Updated on October 8, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Franklin

Location: Strawberry, Franklin's house

Unlocked After: Marriage Counseling

Is Lamar incapable of staying out of trouble? Franklin's best buddy has brought another friend from their mutual past, and Stretch and Franklin aren't getting along at all. Worse, Stretch and Lamar are about to go on a drug run... and Franklin gets to drive.

Does it get worse? Yes, yes, of course it gets worse.

- Drive to Franklin's house. Watch the bizarre set of cut scenes.

- Drive to the nearby Ammu-Nation. Head inside.

- Lamar will give you $168. Use it to buy the Flashlight mod for the Pump-Action Shotgun already in your inventory. If you have the money, you might also want to get some armor.

- Hop back in the car and wait for Lamar and Stretch to follow suit.

- Drive to the waypoint across town. Drive to the rear of the factory and get out of your car. Follow Lamar and Stretch up through the factory to the meeting spot.

- Watch the cut scene. (Yep, it was a setup. Surprise.) Equip your Shotgun, or another weapon of choice, and follow Lamar and Stretch into the next room.

- Take out the guys who start shooting. Not too difficult, since there's plenty of cover and you have backup. Stay near the back and the baddies probably won't even shoot at you.

- Let Lamar take point in the next hallway and take out the guys who come through at the far end. There's a Health Pack on the floor if you need it. (Probably not.)

- Take cover by the crates and wipe out the guys coming down the two aisles in the adjacent room. They're pretty stupid, and if you take cover long enough they'll try to rush your position. Easy pickings.

- Go down the stairs. You'll meet one guy on the way down; keep your gun up and ready when he appears.

- Take out the guys in the next room. Pretty standard.

- Take cover on the packing floor. Rise, shoot, take cover again. Pretty simple, so long as you let auto aim do most of the work.

- Somebody will set fire to the bags on the floor. Run through the packing plant floor to the other side, continuing to shoot. Go through the door (and note the Health Pack by the green light).

- Get outside. The police will show up in a helicopter. Take cover behind one of the tanks in the yard, wait for the police in the chopper to stop firing at the yard, and zip out for a quick shot. So long as you aim towards the helicopter you should be able to take out the gunner. Kill one more gunner and the helicopter will cease to be a threat.

- Follow Stretch and Lamar across the rooftops and out of the factory yard. They'll take you through a gap in the wall and down to street level. Be very careful not to fall here - it's quite difficult to get back up when you don't have a waypoint to rely on, and by the time you do get back up there will be a ton of cops on the road.

- Get in the car in the middle of the road. Ignore the cops - they'll quickly overwhelm your team, and there's very little cover available.

- Escape and lose your tails. The cops will be all over Los Santos at this point. Get away from them, then switch to another four-seater car and drive less conspicuously for a while. That's usually enough to get your crew out of trouble. (Alternatively, you can hop down into the wide culvert on the other side of the factory. I did that, and once Lamar and Stretch followed me, the police more or less immediately gave up. Handy.)

- Return to Franklin's house without causing any more trouble.

Gold Medal Completion

Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 60%. Rely on auto aim and this won't be too much of a problem.

Headshots - Kill ten enemies with headshots. Your Shotgun won't work that well on this one, so you may want to switch back to the Handgun to do the most damage. Improving Franklin's Shooting score for greater handling may be necessary.

Unmarked - Complete the mission with minimal damage. Another tough one to handle, especially in conjunction with Accuracy and Headshots. It's very important to remain behind cover when you're not firing at the thugs during the mission, especially when you're up against the helicopter.


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    • profile image

      nostradamus 3 years ago

      EDIT: replayed mission (still without using checkpoints) and this time did not let health dip below 50% at any point. finished with barely over 50% health and earned gold.

    • profile image

      nostradamus 3 years ago

      cb, that is false. first play through (completed without use of checkpoints) I had taken damage but picked up a health pack while still in the warehouse, took literally 0 damage after that and had full health when I made it back to franklins and I did not get the unmarked credit. this means that you literally cannot take any damage in the first place in order to get gold on this. you may be able to use checkpoints and still achieve this but I have not tested it.

    • profile image

      CB 3 years ago

      If you're having trouble with Unmarked gold condition, buy armor and health after you've lost your wanted level, it seems to just register damage when you roll up back at Franklins place.