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Grand Theft Auto V walkthrough: Rampage Four

Updated on September 26, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Great Chapparal

Unlocked After: Rampage Three, Blitz Play

Hey. Hey. Trevor. Maybe... maybe you should try calming down for once, man. Lay off the drugs, try to not beat people up... does that sound like a plan? No? You'd rather take on the full might of the U.S. military? Okay, dude, knock yourself out. Not the best idea, but, who are we to argue?

- Drive out to Great Chapparal. The point you want is near Fort Zancudo.

- Look for a guy on the side of the road who's obviously having trouble with his truck. Get out and engage him to begin the Rampage.

This is easily the best rampage in the game. (I think so, anyway.) A pair of soldiers have managed to irk Trevor this time, and he's grabbed a Grenade Launcher to avenge his ethnicity. Explosions abound in the ensuing battle.

- The majority of this battle can, and should, be fought with the Grenade Launcher. You have an automatic and Grenades, but they won't be of much use. (Especially the Grenades. Why bother?)

- The battle consists of waves of soldiers driving up in trucks and getting out to shoot at Trevor. This means that you have plenty of time to blow up their trucks with your Grenade Launcher before the troops even set foot on the pavement. Aim directly for the trucks to ensure an explosion on impact, and aim ahead of those that are still in motion. Don't try to get grenades under the trucks - they'll take too much time to go off.

- Perhaps Trevor's greatest enemy in this Rampage is himself. Lobbing grenades around is so fun that you'll probably wind up shooting a little too close to home once or twice. It's way too easy to hit something beside you and blow yourself up, or, worse, start a chain reaction which travels back to Trevor. Be aware of your surroundings, shoot at a distance, and stay away from burning trucks.

- That said, feel free to target trucks that are burning, especially if there's a live truck hiding behind 'em. The chain reaction will get those pesky soldiers.

- Don't target individual soldiers with your Grenade Launcher. Pull out your rifle if they escape the flames.

- After enough carnage you'll lure out tanks. Strafe while hitting them. If you don't, the tanks will kill you in one hit. Five or six grenades should do the trick.

Gold Medal Completion

Get 45 Kills - This requirement is an absolute piece of cake on this Rampage. Smaller trucks net you four kills; the larger trucks are seven or eight. So long as you stick with the Grenade Launcher you'll soar past this number with relative ease. (I got 68 on my first try.)

Get 6 Headshots - Conversely, there's almost no chance you'll hit this requirement on your first try, because playing with the Grenade Launcher is just so fun. Let a few trucks park unscathed early on and get your headshots in before the number of troops begins to soar. Once you have your six verified headshots, pull out your Grenade Launcher and don't look back.

Destroy 2 Tanks - A slight variation from the norm. Tanks don't pull up that often, and they're tough to beat when they do. Nevertheless, you can destroy a tank by pumping it with grenade shots. They seem to go down more easily if you aim for the turret.


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