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Grand Theft Auto V walkthrough: Rampage Three

Updated on September 26, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Chamberlain Hills

Unlocked After: Rampage Two

Yikes. Not content to let things go, Trevor decides to go on yet another rampage, this time making some pointed references to an affair with his own mother. This man… this man has some serious, serious issues. Guess there's only one way to properly vent them, eh? (And no, I don't mean Michael's therapist. Trevor would probably beat the poor guy up anyway.

- Head for Chamberlain Hills, not far from Franklin's house.

- Talk to the two gang members by the trash bin.

The third rampage is a bit trickier than the last two, as it robs Trevor of one of his greatest assets in the previous encounters: room. This rampage takes place in a narrow street between two buildings, and you don't have much space to move around. Properly used, though, this can also prove to be advantageous to you. Here's how.

- As before, you begin with an automatic and 25 Grenades. Use them to the utmost. This automatic has a larger clip than usual, but you should still keep your bursts small and controlled. Don't go crazy, even if you wind up firing on a car.

- The road quickly becomes a shooting gallery. You need to have a strong grip on fast turns to cope with everything that's coming at you. Fortunately, because you largely only have to fire in two different directions, it's much easier to rack up a ton of targets in a short time. This is a good opportunity to practice quick turning if you haven't mastered it before.

- Cars are particularly dangerous in this Rampage, because they will often try to run Trevor over. If you see a car coming, get close to something large to force the car to stop. Then you can pull out your Grenades. Alternatively, try to shoot the driver in the front seat to bring the car to a quicker stop before blowing it up.

- There's almost no cover here. Don't bother looking for it. Strafe constantly and keep shooting. So long as Trevor doesn't have a constant stream of bullets hitting him from four or five guys at once, he'll survive just fine.

- Grenades are a bit riskier here, as the debris has less places to go. It's much easier to accidentally walk into a car wreck and set yourself on fire. Try to save Grenades for long-distance throws.

- Some of these thugs actually have rocket launchers. Ouch. If you see a rocket whiz by, whip around and kill the shooter real fast. Getting pegged by one is a no-no if you want to survive.

Gold Medal Completion

Get 50 Kills - Not that difficult at all, even compared to the previous Rampages. There are a ton of targets and they don't have much by way of cover. Let auto aim do the steering while you pull the trigger. More difficult is surviving to the end than racking up 50 kills.

Get 6 Headshots - As with the previous missions, auto aim is your best friend. Let it track a target, then pull up slightly on the stick and fire. You'll hit the head almost every time you do this, and if not, you'll still kill the guy.

Destroy 2 Vehicles - Yep, Grenades. There are less cars in general in this Rampage, but you should at least run into two of them before you're done.


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