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Grand Theft Auto V walkthrough: Rampage Two

Updated on September 27, 2013
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
GTA V is owned and copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Character: Trevor

Location: Rancho

Unlocked After: Rampage One, Friends Reunited

You thought Trevor's previous rampage was his last? Not a chance. The crazy Canadian is only just getting started, and in this sequel bloodbath Trevor decides to visit his wrath upon a bunch of guys who totally don't deserve what they get. What else is new?

- Head to Rancho as Trevor.

- Park beside the liquor store on the corner of the road. Hop out and initiate the cut scene by approaching the guys outside the store.

- Trevor's such a darling when it comes to his accent.

Rampage time, round two. Similar to the first rampage, you're taking on a ton of guys while running around with Trevor's special ability active for a prolonged period of time. You have an uzi with unlimited ammo, 25 Grenades, and a lot of baddies to kill within two minutes. Here are some tips for getting it done.

- Like last time, you needn't bother with taking cover. There's not much point. Trevor takes very little damage, and unlike the previous fight, you're not as in the open. Keep on the move constantly.

- Fire in short, controlled bursts. Your uzi has a decent bullet count, but it doesn't last for too long before you need a refill. Make every bullet count - and you'll only need one or two to put down each guy. No point spraying an entire clip to put down a single man.

- Let auto aim guide your hand. Even if you can't see guys, it can. This is especially useful for the thugs who get on top of the roofs.

- Don't stay in one place. The longer you linger, the more guns you'll have trained on your position. Trevor's pretty tough when he rampages, but he can't suffer bullets forever.

- Use those Grenades! As soon as you see a car coming, whip out a Grenade, aim, and let it fly. You'll likely kill a few guys as well as wiping out their cover. Just be careful not to let the Grenade's auto aim lock on to a single guy, as it almost certainly won't get him. Throw Grenades at cars only and you may cause enough of a debris pileup that you'll earn more kills than you bargained for.

- Though there are a ton of guys on roofs in this mission, don't bother looking for a ladder of your own. It's not worth wasting the time.

Gold Medal Completion

Get 45 Kills - A bit tougher than last time, but definitely doable. Stay on the ground and twirl constantly, preferably using quick turns to cover guys at Trevor's back. Short, controlled sprays work best. You should also wait for guys to congregate behind cars as cover before you begin lobbing Grenades. You'll get more kills per Grenade this way.

Get 6 Headshots - Auto aim makes headshots very easy in this mission. Lock on, then aim slightly up with your burst. You'll hit the head almost every time, so long as your gun doesn't decide to run out of bullets at that exact moment.

Destroy 2 Vehicles - Grenades! They're every psychopath's best friend.


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