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Graveyard Assault Minecraft Survival Map Download + Review

Updated on December 28, 2011
Silly Zombie, you can't nom me in the daylight.
Silly Zombie, you can't nom me in the daylight.

I like this kind of minecraft map. You're not going to waste any time waiting for saplings to grow in a snowstorm, no, you're going to be defending a graveyard from waves of attacking zombies and skeletons and creepers and suchlike.

You win in two ways:

  • You light the place up and destroy all the spawners so that no more baddies can spawn in the graveyard.
  • You find an artifact. Because you're Indiana Jones.

What I also like about this map is that it comes with a class system. You can choose from four different methods of defense, each of which are attributed to a class. You can be a Priest, a Paladin, a Rogue or a Warrior. The system is implemented by a series of chests, so technically you could just cheat and take all the gear from all the chests, but you know, technically you could win the game by not playing it at all. The Priest has the prettiest, shiniest starting gear, whereas the knight is basically some iron armor and a sword. The rogue also has it rough, although they get a bow, they only get leather armor and a wooden sword. Paladin is probably the most well balanced set, you get iron gear, enchantmented swords and some potions, plus cooked chicken! I started as a Paladin.

The map will work for up to four players, so you can use it on a small multiplayer server and argue over which is the best class with your friends.

Even on easy, this map is pretty full on. From the moment you step out into the graveyard you're under assault. It's made all the more difficult if you have Mo'Creatures or similar mods installed because in addition to Zombies and Skeletons there are tigers trying to eat your face off.

What's really nice about the map is that it is quite large and overgrown and is comprised of several areas, as you travel around smiting baddies you'll find chests with supplies. The temptation to open them if they're not for your class is pretty high, especially if you're running low on food and weapons, which you will be.

This is a brilliant map for anyone who enjoys the combat aspect of survival and isn't quite so keen on crafting their way into oblivion. I like the way it has a definitive end point and even though I'm one of those people who usually plays on peaceful almost exclusively, I really enjoyed the combat challenge. The thrill I experienced when I destroyed the first spawner was great indeed.

Download Graveyard Assault Minecraft Survival Map!


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