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Great Free Roaming Video Games

Updated on August 14, 2010

Free Roaming games

Free Roaming games are video games in which you have a chose in where to go and do not always have a specific path. These games are often referred to as non linear. They are not always the same genres, but can be often rpgs. (not always) These games can offer a lot cause you do not have a predesignated path and go explore the in game world. Another word to refer to these is called sandbox games. This is just another name given to them because your in a world where you can vitually go in any direction. Sometimes they game may block certain areas at the beginning, but for the most part you can go where you want,when you want. These games have a lot of freedom and often have a lot of replay value.

Here is a list for some free roaming games. (These are all relatively new 7th generation games)

Grand Theft Auto 4

The infamous grand theft auto series returns in this 7th generation game. This game offers a lot of free roaming in which you can go nearly everywhere except some places are blocked at the beginning. You can freely take any cars and driven them and go to any part of the city you want. Many times you also have the option to going on dates or hanging out with friends. You are free to do what you want except doing crimes will get the cops coming after you! This though is fun cause you never know what might happen in the city.

This franchise is known for its free roaming attributes. Hop in a car and do stunts or stir up crime. There are plenty of missions to do and on this game you can even roam with your friends online. Many times you have chooses in which you can decide what mission to partake in first. This is very non linear...


I am referring to both one and two. Both these game offer a lot of free roaming and the second game offers the ability to go online with 4 players rather than just 2 like the first. This game does not have much in the way of a story with a lot of cut scenes or aspiring graphics, but its very fun. You can go where you want and on the second game playing with four of your friends and play around. There are enemy groups in which you have to take out and the second game introduces mutants that appear at night time. Crackdown 2 is similar to the first, but offers a little bit more when it comes to collecting orbs for athletic feats such as stronger,faster,farther/higher humping, and such. This game may remind you of GTA4 without the major story line cut scene elements, but nonetheless it can be great for coop and roaming around!

Dead Rising

Dead Rising is another free roaming game featuring zombies. This time your in a shopping mall though and its filled with zombies! You can roam through the shopping mall and get various weapons to take out zombies. These can include shotguns,rifles, sledge hammer,swords, and many other objects that you can pick up in the environment as well. There are SO MANY zombies and you have to be careful of your health. The game is free roaming except your are on a time based system for missions. This is the only thing I did not like about it. Other than that you can do as you wish when it comes to using weapons and roaming the mall.

A part 2 will be coming and it will be a longer list. The next games will mostly be Role playing and will be of the 7th generation of gaming. All these games above are from a 3rd person perspective as well. The next ones will mostly be from a 1st person. GTA4,crackdown, and dead rising are all sandbox games from 3rd person perspective....


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      Boobies rock 5 years ago

      I love gta4

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      Mark Passarelli 7 years ago from Lakewood Colorado

      Love Grand Theft Auto 4. Nice post

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      ofmelancholy 7 years ago

      nice hub and an original topic, at least for me