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Gadgets for Geeks and Nerds

Updated on December 20, 2017
Stacie L profile image

Stacie L has been an educator for many years and likes to share her experiences and advice.

Big Bang Theory cast
Big Bang Theory cast | Source

Geeks are misunderstood

Nerd and geeks are terms that have been used for generations. They seem to be interchangeable but there are subtle differences.

The term Nerd, makes me think of someone wearing the big black rimmed eyeglasses, pocket-protector and pants that are way too short. The typical stereotypical nerd I picture is Steve Urkel from the TV. show “Family Matters.” He was very clumsy, socially awkward and unfashionable. Steve seemed to dance to the beat of his own drum. Don't we all have some of these traits?

The fact is they are everywhere and not as obvious as one would think. Not all are super geniuses are geeky but I consider those who love to work on gadgets and usually alone on a project, to be a bit of a nerd. Children and adults that are super inquisitive,and creative can also benefit from some challenging tasks.

According to Wikipedia," Nerds are single minded ,intelligent and obsessed with a non social hobby or pursuit." They are totally unaware of the latest fashions,can't socialize and get picked on by the jocks. Geeks, on the other hand are obsessed with everything that has to do with computers - hardware and software.

Geeks are misunderstood, often bullied and mocked throughout their lifetime. They are different from most of us, who strive to just blend in and not call attention to ourselves. It isn't a safe way to get though life, but they don't care about fitting in. They are happy to do their own thing.

There are many reasons to love geeks and nerds; and I'm glad to be one of them.

Liz lemon 30 Rock
Liz lemon 30 Rock

Female Geeks

But not all of them are men; women are now recognized as geeks more than ever.

Some of the more quirky female characters are on the most popular programs.,

such as Kari Byrom on Mythbusters, Liz Lemon on 30 Rock, Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan on Bones ”, FBI Analyst Penelope Garcia on “Criminal Minds”, or forensic specialist Abby Sciuto on NCIS.”

The female counterparts are becoming more acceptable and even popular if you watch the news and television programming.

One of my favorite geek programs is “Big Bang Theory.” This was a sleeper of a show that didn't get much fanfare when it first started and I accidentally found it one night surfing. The main geeks are all males but now have introduced more females. They are super genius professors in a University Cal-tech in the science dept of course. Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper, along with other friends, Howard Wolowitz and Rajesh Koothrapooli.

The show now has 4 new female characters that really add to it. Sheldon's girlfriend, neuroscientist Amy Farrah, Howard's new wife,; Bernadette Rostenkowski, a microbiologist, Penny the waitress and wanna-be actress and Leslie Winkle, a physicist colleague.

There also is the obsession with science fiction and superheros. Science Fiction legends such as all the Star Trek series and movies, Deep Space Nine, Star Wars series, and Babylon 5.

Spider-man, Superman, Batman, X-Men, Iron Man are among the most popular super heroes.

It's not clear to me why Geeks and Nerds love science and comic book heroes but the books and movies wouldn't be as big without their support!

Bill Nye,the science guy video

Gifts and gadgets

Computers are the first gadget one think of for a gifted child but I wanted to find some different

gift ideas than the usual ones.Cellphones,smartphones ,ipads are all too common a gift.

Gadgets and electronics and anything different is sure to please a geek or nerd . How about a musical tee-shirt from ThinkGeek. There are audio chips and speaker and you can play electronic guitars,drums or a variety of background music.

It was featured by one of the main characters on The Big Bang Theory program.

The world is looking for budding scientists, so people like Bill Nye, the Science Guy has made science a cool and interesting field to study. Kids have learned about experiments from kits such as Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment, and a good introduction to science experiments for kids 8 years +, is a Kitchen Chemistry kit that makes candy and other fun edibles so kids will be interested.

Bill has been a staple on television for years and so trusted by parents and educators alike. he can explain science in simple terms or the advanced products will ignite a child that needs a mental challenge to match his intellect.


Another fun idea for a little geek is a soda or Tin Can Robot from Toysmith 4M company.

It consists of a kit that allows a youngster to make their own robot with a few parts and their own can. Start the creativity juices and see what else they come up with.

Imagine if they make the first robots with artificial intelligence! Robots are in the future for sure. Wouldn't you like a robot to clean the house or serve your breakfast in bed? You can get different versions of the robots.

Updated Form of Chess

KHET by Innovation Toys LLD, is a fascinating game that combines lasers. To begin, 2 players alternate turns moving Egyptian-themed pieces having two, one or no mirrored surfaces.

The pieces are moved forward,backward, up, down, diagonally or twist around. This is not checkers or chess so kids will have to think outside the box. Great for easily bored kids who need a challenge.

The basic game is first and then you build on to it with advanced stages.

Is your little genius already programming software? Maybe some books such as:

  • Being Geek: The Software Developer's Career Handbook,

  • Managing Humans: Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manager ,

  • The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering, Anniversary Edition.

Give him or her a head start with some of these titles. Who know; they may be the next Bill Gates.

They all come in paperback form or Kindle, of course. Speaking of Kindles, they have dropped in price this year, so I'm sure it will be another good choice for a youngster or adult that needs to be in constant communication with new ideas and research.

Kindles are lightweight and easy to download new titles. Teachers are now developing lesson plans for the kindle so I see most students needing one in the near future.

King of the Nerds

Geeks or Nerds are all fun to watch

Whether you identify yourself as a geek or nerd, its clear that you stand out from the rest. You think differently, you clothes are outdated and you aren't popular. The one thing you can do is show off your smarts and agility on a new show called King of the Nerds. I'm so glad the underdogs are getting a chance to shine.

There's a phenomenon over the past decade that is starting to recognize the uniqueness of being a geek. I've always considered myself a geek or nerd, and now feel proud to say it out loud!

Watch this clip and see how clever they are.

Final thoughts on being a Geek or Nerd

Whether you identify with the term nerd or geek, you know you are a little different and in the minority of society. You dance to the beat of a different drum and live in a world of your own at times.Thanks to television programs and movies that highlight geek's coolness, the world will soon recognize your coolness as well.

The world is becoming more accepting all the times and soon you may be able to walk down to the local comic book store and not be '"de-pantsed" every time or laughed at.

© 2010 Stacie L


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