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Great Wall Minecraft Mod

Updated on March 20, 2011
For more awesome Minecraft mods, visit:
For more awesome Minecraft mods, visit: | Source

Test Play Notes

  • FPS seems to take a hit on world generation with this mod when you first load a new world.
  • It can take time to find a 'Great Wall'. I wandered off for several minutes and covered a fair amount of terrain before finding the one you see here.
  • Expect chunk errors. In addition to Great Walls, you'll also get great cliffs.
  • The modder wasn't kidding about the mobs. Sure you'll find the odd leather tunic and iron ingot in a watch tower, but are they worth doing battle with multiple creepers and bow weilding skeletons for? You decide.
  • The modder also wasn't kidding about the potential for the wall to run hundreds of blocks. These walls can go for what seems like ever, which is pure awesome and winning.

A great many Minecrafters have uttered the desire to discover structures in their worlds. You know, to stave of the feeling of desolation that inevitably occurs after you've built a house to live and and you realize that all future buildings will be little more than monuments to solitude, like a collar and leash bought for a non existent dog.

The Great Wall mod isn't a mod that will impact game play a great deal. It won't allow you to fly great distances, or even jump really high. It won't add NPCs to your world and it won't make mining diamond easier. What it will do is create blasted massive long walls that run across your Minecraft world, giving you the distinct impression that someone from China got to your save file first.

This may not be comfortable for anyone who has ever had their WoW account hacked, but for people who grow tired of the Minecraft tedium, it is a super ultra godsend, adding a whole world of imaginary possibility to your game. Instead of merely exploring, you will end up discovering. Now hows that for a free bag of chips and a sponsored t shirt, huh? Exactly, super.

The Great Walls are more than just solid cobblestone and sandstone barriers you'll have to hack your way through if you can't be bothered walking around them, they're potential treasure chests. You see, there are watch towers to be found and in the watchtowers, mobs and loot lurk. Loot! So really, it is like stumbling over the ruins of an ancient civilization, or perhaps like stumbling over a workmate's lunch whilst they're using the bathroom. Either way it is super rewarding.


The Great Wall mod currently conflicts with Biome Terrain Mod, but if you're someone who enjoys modding and using mods then lets face it, you've probably downloaded more .jar files than someone who really loves jars. A flimsy metaphor, but one you're going to have to work with.

There's also a possibility that it won't play well with Mod Loader v.5, however as it doesn't add any new block types or recipes to the game, you might get away with it anyhow. (It does edit the .td class, which could make it conflict with other mods as well. Trial and error people, let's do it for science!)

Installation is simple however and the rewards of downloading this mod are great. Great Walls. Hah!

Download the Great Wall Mod

Found on a curious ledge in a watch tower. Creeper spawners! Oh the treachery!
Found on a curious ledge in a watch tower. Creeper spawners! Oh the treachery!


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