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Great Gamecube Games for a Nintendo Themed Party

Updated on July 19, 2007


While the Wii is the latest Nintendo system, it can be hard to get your hands on and the Gamecube makes a good alternative for a Nintendo Party. Even if you do have a Wii, these games can still be enjoyed on the Wii if you have some Gamecube controllers. Here are the Gamecube party games I came up with for my brother's 13th birthday party.

Mario Party 4, Mary Party 5, Mario Party 6, Mario Party 7

All the Mario Party games are fun. The one that does stand out a little is 7 with its ability to play with up to 8 players and the mini games that use the microphone. The microphone feature is also in 6, but it is only for up to 4 players. Any of them are good to get as a party game. You really cannot go wrong as they all have a good amount and variety of mini games and board game styles. A nice prize for the winner is a little magnetic board game.

Price: Depending on the version these games cost between $20 and $40 on eBay, not including shipping

Mario Kart Double Dash

The Mario Kart racing games are pretty much always a fun multiplayer game. It is a fun game for up to eight players if you link systems. It also has the fun addition of being able to team up, which is great when you have one person not good at driving and they can be the one to deal with the special items and punching others off their cart. A good prize is a small Hot Wheels prize.

Price: This game usually costs around $20 on eBay not including shipping

Mary Kate and Ashley's Sweet 16

This game probably will not appeal to 16 year olds, but it can be a fun party board game style game. It is similar to Mario Party in gameplay. All the mini games are themed around driving. A nice prize might be a small Hot Wheels car.

Price: tends to cost less than $10 on eBay not including shipping

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup

This is a fun game for Harry Potter fans. You can only have two players at a time, but you can do some kind of championship set up for a tournament. A good prize for the winner might be some of those Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans made by Jelly Belly or a Harry Potter TCG booster pack.

Price: tends to sell for under $10 on eBay not including shipping

Shrek Super Party

Another great mini game party style game. It has a great Shrek theme. Especially fun playing against all humans, as the computers can get frustrating to play against. This game is for up to 4 players. A good prize may be some Shrek stickers.

Price: usually sells for around $20 on eBay not including shipping

Mario Golf Toadstool Tour

This is a good multiplayer sports game. There are some fun golf courses and some can be challenging. A good prize may be a golf ball saying champion at the person's party on whatever the date is.

Price: tends to cost about $15 on eBay not including shipping

Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix

This is a fun active game for up to 2 players at a time. Have a competition to determine the winner. A good prize may be a music CD.

Price: this can cost upwards to $100 and more, but can be a worthwhile investment if your family will play it more than just at the party


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