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Groovy Girls from Manhattan Toy

Updated on August 15, 2011

Groovy Girls

Groovy Girls are an award winning line of soft fashion dolls and trendy accessories for girls ages 3-12. With their unique hairstyles and outfits these funky dolls inspire girls to embrace their own sense of style.

An alternative to Bratz and Barbies, Groovy Girls do not promote an unrealistic image of beauty. They celebrate diversity, and show that beauty comes in all colors, shapes and styles.

They have been around since 1998, and each year the collection has been expanding.

Groovy Girls RSVP

Groovy Girls has a special website to explore. Kids can create their own character, pick out clothes and hairstyles, decorate their Mod Pod, and make new friends.

If you have a Groovy Girls RSVP Doll or Pet you can access even more on the site. There are games and daily activities to earn points and rewards.

There are also pages for Camp Groovy Girls, Candy Kingdom, PetRageous, and Groovy Girls Minis.

Update: 3/11/11
I just went back to the site to find that it's been taken down. I can't find any info about whether or not it will be coming back. If you have information please let us know in the guestbook at the bottom of the page. If the RSVP series has been discontinued these dolls and pets will become harder to find. If your little girl has her eye on one now might be the time to grab it!

Groovy Girl Doll Accessories

The Groovy Girls line of toys includes some really fun accessories. Of course there are plenty of adorable outfits to choose from, there's are also everything from sleeping bags, to furniture to animals, to doll stands, even cars.

The Groovy Girls: Pinktastic Retro Roller is super cool with it's plush seats, pink fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror. And yes, seatbelts are included. ;)


Manhattan Toy Bombastic Bunk Bed
Manhattan Toy Bombastic Bunk Bed

A single bed complete with fringed blanket. An additional bed can be stacked on top.



Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Purplerific Dress
Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Purplerific Dress

Purple dress with polka dot skirt, lavender bodice, yellow sash, and pink rose. Includes coordinating handbag.


13" Groovy Girls (and Boys) Dolls

L Series: Lexi, Liza, Lucy, Lupe
Z Series: Zane, Zarah, Ziggy, Zoe

M Series: Max, Michaela

G Series: Gabi, Gwenn
J Series: Jacinda, Jackson, Jada, Janisse, Jarett, Jayna, Jordan, Josie

K Series: Kami, Karly, Kayla, Kelsey, Kendra, Kinzey
S Series: Samuel, Sarita, Sean, Sesilia, Shika, Sidra, Siri, Solana
Special Edition: Posh Party Sasha

K Series: Kalvin, Kyle
T Series: Tali, Tomiko, Trini
V Series: Vanessa, Verity, Victoria
Mermaid: Marissa
Special Edition: Belle Esprit Kassidy

B Series: Bindi, Blake, Brandon, Brenna, Britta
C Series: Carissa, Celeste, Cicely
D Series: Danika, Daphne, Darci
Mermaid: Myra

A Series: Ailene, Angelique, Ayanna
H Series: Hope
G-R-O-O-V-Y Series: Gwen, Reese, Oki, O'Ryan, Vanessa, Yvette
Dreamtastic: Prince Lance, Princess Lucinda
Holiday Dolls: Noella, Willow Witch

K Series: Kasi, Kenna, Kieran, Kylee
L Series: Larissa, Leticia, Lourdes
N Series: Nanette, Natalya, Nicole
Dreamtastic: Seraphina, Sharissa
Holiday Dolls: Chrissy, Clara, Countessa, Petal, Valana, Vivica

S Series: Savanna, Selia, Shayla
T Series: Taryn, Trini, Trissa
Mermaid: Melinda
Dreamtastic: Binni Ballerina, Franchesca Fairy, Jennibelle, Melina
Holiday Dolls: Ember, Tessa Tannenbaum, Tyanna Tannenbaum

B Series: Bastian, Bella-Mae, Brandice, Brylee
P Series: Petula, Phoebe, Pilar
R Series: Raelyn, Raina, Rayannah, Roxette, Ruby Mae
Holiday Dolls: Cinder Sue, Sylvie Starr
Candy Kingdom: Princess Bubblegum Bella, Princess Candy Heart Cassidy, Princess Lollipop
Girl Scouts: Ardella, Caring Caitlin, Courageous Camara, Friendly, Fiona, Honest Hala, Kiri, Respectfl Roxi

F Series: Fenia, Fleur, Franci
Z Series: Zadie, Zanita, Zelma
Mermaid: Maya
Fantasy: Belisima Ballerina, Fayla Fairy
Girl Scouts: Considerate Christa, Strong Sierra
Groovy Girls RSVP: Alesa, Amara, Amelina, Lakinzie, Latasha, Linae, Lycia
Special Edition: Anastasia Sparkle, Charissa Cat, Garnet Glitterbella

C Series: Cadence, Camilla, Chelsi, Connor, Corbin
Mermaid: MacKenna, Macy, Maddie
Fantasy: Ariana
Girl Scouts: Fair Faye, Helpful Haylee, Responsible Rilee
Groovy Girls RSVP: Darise, Dela, Dennell, Dhara

I've been looking for the list of 2010 dolls and haven't had much luck. If you know where I can find them please let me know!

What do you think of Groovy Girls?

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    • Christene profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Massachusetts

      Jeanette I didn't know of any, but searching on Google I found some. offers two free patterns.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Are there patterns available to sew, knit, or crochet outfits for these dolls?

    • Sunnyglitter profile image


      8 years ago from Cyberspace

      I haven't seen these yet. They're cute!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      My 13yr old dghtr's most Favorite doll was stolen when she was 7yrs old...Her name is Lupe ,where can I purchase one...'til this day she talks about her .....and gets really sad

    • thegreenerme profile image


      8 years ago

      I've never heard of these dolls, but they look neat!

    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Love the Groovy Girls! Thanks for all the information! I can't believe I haven't been keeping up with all this. I've still been so obsessed with the Bratz Dolls.

      Nice hub and nice to meet you too!


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