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Gross Toys for Gifts

Updated on September 6, 2018

Gross Games for Kids

The games I'm specifically referring to are those that base the theme of the game around bodily noises, functions and by-products. I've seen these commercials so many times, it got me to wondering who in the world would be inspired to create such games. It also made me wonder whether or not they're popular, or this is just the year of gross toys.

After doing my research for this article, I was very surprised to discover that there are gross games for kids for any type of disgusting bodily noise or function.

I do know that young kids - especially boys - find these types of noises to be hilariously funny. Why? We may never know. I think another part of it is that sometimes, we're drawn to odd things. It's like being in line at the grocery store and trying not to read those tabloid headlines. You find yourself unable to look away.

Although quirky, these are real games that have taken on a life of their own. Some of them may be purchased with the intent of being a white elephant type of gift, but rest assured, if you are looking for that perfect yet disgusting gift, you will find it.

In this article, we'll go through some of the top contenders for this year. If you're looking for some gross games for kids, you're going to love it!

[Photos Courtesy of MorgueFile and Amazon]


Disgusting Games and Toys

  • Doggie Doo Game
  • Funny Gross Games
  • Pop Pig Game
  • Gross Games - Kids
  • Trash Pack Sewer Dump
  • Nasty Games for Kids
  • You can pick your nose You can pick...
  • Gooey Louie Game
  • Gross Games and Toys
  • Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster
  • Fart - The Card Game
  • Gross Games and Toys
  • Disney Lion King Burping Talking Pumbaa
  • The Burp Gun
  • Wrapping it Up
  • Disclosure Statement
  • Welcome Guests

Disgusting Games and Toys


The commercial for this game is the one that prompted me to find out who in the world would invent a game like this. Even my 10-year-old son commented that this is “just wrong on so many levels.”

However, I did some research and was surprised to discover that the Doggie Doo game is a runaway hit and very popular in Germany and other areas in Europe! So much so that we here in the U.S. are on the late show with this one.

The game is recommended for players aged 4 and up, and accommodates 2-4 players.

The idea here is that you feed the dog his “dog food” (special stuff that is included with the game) and take him for a walk. The winner of the game is the first player who scores three “doo’s.”

It is recommended that a parent supervise the game, at least initially, to make sure the dog is “fed” properly and that the pumping of the leash is being done correctly. If not done properly, the doggie may experience “stomach problems” and produce less than stellar doo’s, which will never do. I will admit that this game sure looks like more fun than the one I play each spring while cleaning up the “doo” in my own backyard!

This game was actually invented about 15 years ago in Europe. While pitching the idea (initially called “Pooping Puppy”) to several game companies, the guys who came up with the idea were turned down from everyone and decided to shelf the idea. These guys are associated with Goliath Games, which is also the company that invented “Pop the Pig,” which we’ll cover a little later on.

After years of gathering dust, the game idea was re-introduced but this time, was a runaway hit and has been gaining popularity ever since. Introduced in the States back in 2011, the game continues to gain a strong market share.

(insert video, "Doggie Doo Game")

Funny Gross Games


Also brought to you by Goliath Games (same as Doggie Doo), this game has been a crowd favorite in Europe since 2006. Available here in the states since 2009, there have been literally millions of this game sold.

Maybe it’s just cause the pig is so cute, or watching his belly get so big that it explodes, it’s a game that kids really do like to play. It’s a silly game and would most likely appeal to the younger kids closer to age 4.

Officially, this game is for players aged 4 and up, and intended for 2-6 players. The idea of the game is to roll the dice and then based on the color that appears, take a like-colored hamburger and feed it to the pig. After pumping the pig’s tummy, and after several rounds, the poor piggy’s tummy can’t take it anymore and ultimately explodes. If you are the one who feeds him prior to a tummy explosion, you win!

The pig is very cute with his chef’s outfit, spatula in hand, and happy face in eager anticipation of eating all those burgers. This game gets positive review from parents as it does help identify colors, numbers and is a fun family game.

Be aware of small parts that may be harmful like the dice, hamburger pieces and balloons that help make the pig’s tummy expand.

(insert video, "Pop Pig Game")

Gross Games - Kids


Here again, playing with trash, in the sewer, dump or otherwise gross place sounds kind of strange.

However, this product is relatively new in the U.S. (released approximately June 2013) and is in high demand. Several review sites and sources claim that it will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts this year.

Mainly geared toward boys, it is recommended for ages 5+. Instead of a board game, this is more of a playset, with all kinds of cools buttons, pulleys, and other assorted activities to play with in a dump setting. It includes little figures, called “Trashies” that you can flush, dump, smash and otherwise play with.

There are four Trashies included with the basic playset, and there are also other pieces you can add such as the garbage truck, for even more fun playing at the dump!

Assembly is required, so moms and dads, prepare for putting this one together right away! There are just too many gross but fun things to do with this playset and the kids will want to get right down to business.

This playset includes a slide, zip line and liquid ooze for the ooze pit, just to name a few of the highlights. Since kids love things they can turn, move, pull, launch and basically interact with, it’s no wonder why it’s a popular game.

(insert video, "Trash Pack Sewer Dump")

Nasty Games for Kids


OK, here with go again with Goliath Games, who appears to be the master of producing the most disgusting and gross kinds of kids’ games. Hey, if you find something that works, stick with it, right?

Anyway, this is – in my opinion – the most disgusting of the games. The tag line for the game is, “Put your finger in his nose and pick a winner.” Yikes. But you’ve guessed it, it’s a game about picking your nose. I know – gross. I actually had to laugh at the quote on their website! (see below)

In any event, here are the details. The game is intended for two or more players, aged 4 and up. Again, be careful of small parts around the wee ones.

Each player takes a turn rolling the dice. The number on the dice is the number of times you have to stick your finger up Louie’s nose and pull out a green, slimy substance. After some time, Louie will “sneeze his brains out,” literally. If you are the one who pulls out the slime that makes Louie’s eyes pop out and brain explode out of his head, you, my friend, are the winner!

Is there anything more to say about this game? I don’t think so.

YOU can pick your can pick your friends...but you can't pick your friend's nose...(direct from Gooey Louie website)

(insert video, "Gooey Louie Game")

Gross Games and Toys


In this section, we’re going to discuss farting toys. Yes we are.

Once again, you’ll have to remember that young children think that noises such as farting are extremely funny. That is why the Whoopee Cushion has stood the test of time.

So, on to the next set of bodily noise games.

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster

While I loved the first movie, I did not see Despicable Me 2. My 10-year-old son did, though, and he loved it.

When I asked him about the Fart Blaster, he immediately cracked up and re-enacted the scene from the movie. So what that tells me is that it was memorable all these months later, and it was very funny.

He explained to me that there was a “50 fart gun salute” to honor the old man who was retiring. However, since there were 51 farts, it is suspected that some unknown minion took advantage of the opportunity and “let one rip,” so to speak.

So if the kids are into toy guns, what better than a gun that farts? It just works.

This particular gun was used in the movie by the ever-popular minions, and features real-to-life sounds, lights and taking it one step further, scent.

The ultimate in disgusting toy firearms, your little minions can have fun recreating scenes from the movie, or enjoy their own creative play time. A very popular toy for kids 4+.


Now here’s a unique game. It’s a fast-paced card game for 3 or more players where you have to try to discard your hand during a “fart chorus.”

The game comes with a CD which features all kinds of interesting sounds, and lots of them.

During the course of the game, you’ll have to change directions, pick up the dreaded penalty cards and just try to get rid of those cards in your hand.

It’s recommended for anyone aged 14+, and comes with a rule book and score pad, so each player gets appropriate credit for being both “fast and flatulent.”

A funny game that really stands out from your average card game.

Gross Games and Toys


Last but certainly not least, we’re going to talk about burping toys.

Burping is just one of those things that a lot of people find to be very funny. If that were not the case, you would not hear anyone burping the alphabet or considering burp-talking to be a major life accomplishment.

There are a lot of toys and games you might find that include the ability to burp, and we’ll talk about a couple of them right here.


I was surprised to find that Disney has a whole line of plush figures that do a whole bunch of things, and this one just happens to burp!

You will experience even more character from your favorite Disney characters!

The pumbaa is really cute because he does so much more than burping. If you put the bugs in his mouth, he’ll talk. There are nine different phrases he will say, in addition to the burping. Imagine how surprised the little ones will be when he lets out a burp! Needless to say, it should be quite the funny surprise!

And shhhh! Just to let you in on another little surprise, if you move his tail, he’ll let out another funny sound, too!

This toy is recommended for anyone aged 3 and up. Hakuna Matata indeed.


I think we’ve already acknowledged the fact that it doesn’t get much better than playing with a toy gun that makes bodily noises. We’ve already covered the Despicable Me Fart Blaster, but here we’ve got the Burp Gun.

This is a pretty cool toy that launches ping pong balls and as you shoot, that’s right, it makes a classic “burp” sound!

These guns would be a huge hit for lock-in events for school, camping or scouting. I know that my son has a couple of lock-ins each year with his scout troop where they can bring Nerf guns and have a war. I think a burp gun would fit in nicely to just such an event.

The Burp Gun is a simple kind of clear tube device that launches ping pong balls up to 20′. It’s lightweight, about 22″ long and comes complete with 15 rounds of ammo (ping pong balls) to start. You can also get these in glow-in-the dark colors, or handgun versions.

A classic toy with a disgusting noise as a twist and folks, you’ve got yourself a winner here!

Personally, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Burp Gun, but have now added it to my son’s list!

Recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

Wrapping It Up


Well, I think we’ve covered a lot of ground here on this lens.

These are some of the top contenders of gross games for kids, and some toys thrown in there for good measure. I’d have to give all of these game creators an “A” for originality! It’s been a lot of fun to take a look at some of these disgusting, but fun, variations to the everyday selection of the many games and toys out there.

This list of gross toys is small but impressive, and I can’t wait until next year!


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