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Grow RPG Solution

Updated on May 16, 2010

This is a fun, short flash game by Eyezmaze. It's very popular! You essentially build a RPG world, in a limited number of turns, so that a hero can adventure through it and defeat the dark demon dragon. He's also placing a few monsters around to stop the hero.

Haven't tried it yet? You can play Grow RPG here on the Eyemaze website.


Please only try this after you've already played Grow! Following a guide immensely takes away from the fun of the game. After all, it's just clicking on a few objects in an order and watching what happens. The reward is much nicer when you try it yourself. Here's a few hints, and the actual solution is farther down.

  • Dungeon (stairs): Better items are in a bigger dungeon, with some nasty beasts. But, how do you make your dungeon bigger and nastier? That typically only happens in an RPG when the hero is already strong, and is prepared for the monsters you'll be throwing at him.
  • Forest (grass): The old man in the forest might have something useful for your hero! Many RPG games include some useful items here, relics of long lost heroes that are found early on an adventure. For example, Zelda: A Link to the Past has the master sword hidden away in a spooky forest. That item allows you to become a "real hero".
  • Castle: The king and queen typically like to reward any would-be heroes and offer some advice. You should probably go talk to them and find out what their troubles are... they might even offer you something for getting rid of any nasty beasts around.
  • Lake (water): A town needs water to support itself, survive and grow eventually. Might even help that forest of yours!
  • Tower: No hints for this grow item.
  • Chest: It's a chest! Chances are if you level it, it'll have a better item inside. Most game designers like to put things in them that the RPG player will find useful... no level 80 warriors like to recieve a wooden sword. But how will you level the chest in Grow RPG? Maybe it'll become stronger if there needs to be a better reward for the hero.
  • Mountain (rock): Wouldn't it be nice if there was a huge mountain instead of a rock? That's your hint. It doesn't take much effort to get there.
  • House: Did you know most RPG games start off with someone being woken up in a house? Well, not all, but a lot of the popular games do. One such example is Chrono Trigger which is now fuel for all sorts of RPG cliches.

Ready for the Grow RPG solution?
Look away now if you're not!

Click the objects in the following order to watch the cool animations and win the flash game.

  1. The house
  2. The grass
  3. The castle
  4. The lake
  5. The tower
  6. The rocks
  7. The chest
  8. The dungeon stairs

What did you think of this Grow game?

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    • profile image

      notallowedtoshow 7 years ago

      Heidi, It IS the right solution, Learn to read

    • profile image

      Heidi 7 years ago

      I didn't come to the end!! It was the WRONG solution! How could you?! DONT TRUST HIM! I got GAME OVER WITHOUT WINNING!!!!!! :@