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Guardian Cross : Fast start your ideal card deck

Updated on June 13, 2014

Guardian Cross is a mobile app game that’s has been designed by Square Enix in 2012 and has seen received more than 1.3 million of downloads. This is the first and by far the best Square Enix mobile games that has it user engage in the in Multi role playing game in a mobile platform.

The game encompasses all the Final Fantasy character, imbuing them into the card decks as Guardian for player to collect them and compete among them in the coliseum arena.

The main story brings player to become two guardian master namely Athran and Bran working under the empress to unveil the reason for the awakening of Guardian that have lie dormant for thousand years.

Engage in interesting quest to received rewards which will definitely make your decks stronger than ever.

For beginner who engaged in this game for the starts, you might be wondering where to start with and what to do to start building your dream decks. It is rather simple and all you need is to know what to do and not plainly start the game without planning.

Before the tips, perhaps I can share abit on the type of card available. The rarity of the card start from 1* all the way to 5* with the 5* been the best card. However, with a recent update, a new system was introduced and is known as rebirth system whereby using two of the same type of the card, you will be able to rebirth them into a stronger 4* or 5* card known as reborned Guardian.

Tip1: Use an Invite Code: II86786

There is an ongoing invite a friend campaign whereby you will get a 4* Guardian XYZ (The guardian that you received may differ from the card that you seen to the right, it depeneding on which invitation campaign that you are currently in) when you are referred by a friend into the game. After you start the game, you will see the above screen pop out. You have to input the invitation code Use the invite code II86786 in order for you to receive a 4* Guardian XYZ. After you input the invitation code and created an account, you will immediately start the tutorial. Only after the completion of the tutorial, you will then received the 4* Guardian XYZ.

Tip2: Dual account

It is time to invite your friend into the game. By inviting one of your friend into the game you will received another 4* guardian XYZ. However, it will take some time for you to do it especially if you are targeting another 5* Re-born Guardian as seen above. Easiest method to get it will be to used another of your iphone, ipad or android phone to create another account using your current invite ID**. With the two 4* Guardian XYZ, you should be able to rebirth them into a re-born 4* guardian XYZ.

**To find your invite ID, go to social > invite > then click on the invite icon to see your ID.

Tip3: Deadman Cross Campaign

With the release of the new square Enix Deadman cross (as seen above) mobile game, the developer of the game has introduced a Deadman Cross Campaign for Guardian Cross player. This come as an incentive for us - guardian cross player to cross game and try the newest Square Enix -Deadman cross. Therefore, this will not last forever, be sure to catch this rare opportunity before it is gone.

If we Installed the Deadman cross and level our character to level 5 (abt 30min) we will received a message providing us with a serial code to be inputed to our guardian cross account*** to receive a 5* Guardian –Deadman Titan (as seen at the right side).

Due to the rebirth system, we will require another Deadman titan to perfect the card. Remember earlier on how you received your second 4* XYZ guardian? Using your second iphone, ipad or android phone, you will be able to received your second 5* Guardian –Deadman Titan by doing the same method. Then rebirthed both into a reborned version of deadman titan.

***To input the serial code, Go to Record/Config > click on the button "Enter Serial Code"

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Thanks for reading and do spread this news to your friend who enjoyed mobile games. After this fast start, do follow closely to what Guardian Cross developer are offering from time to time to complete your dream deck. Occasionally, you will received great cards for logging in every day without failed.


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