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Guide to Sailor Moon Figures and Where to Buy Them

Updated on November 23, 2014

Hello! As you may have noticed if you’ve looked at some of my other Hubs, I enjoy writing about Sailor Moon; specifically, I enjoy writing about Sailor Moon merchandise. Since it’s the holiday season, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to compile a few guides about Sailor Moon merchandise. In particular, this guide will be about the various figures available in the North American market. I won’t bother talking about the figures that are only available in Japan, as the cost for importing those can be a little high. Hopefully I can help you determine which figure(s) are best for you or the Sailor Moon fan on your shopping list.

First up, I’ll talk about the S.H. Figuarts figures by Bandai. When you think about Sailor Moon action figures, you should think of these. They’re reasonably priced considering their level of detail and articulation, and they’re easy to find and purchase. Each Figuarts is about 5.5" tall, with Jupiter being a little taller and Saturn being a little shorter.

Just a note!

To prevent this Hub from getting too cluttered, or 'spammy,' I will not be linking to the Amazon product pages for each individual figure. Instead, I'll link to a few and talk about the others you can find on Amazon if you search.


Everyone needs Sailor Moon in their collection, since she's the titular protagonist of the series. I own this figure and I highly recommend it, even though mine had the tiniest green paint smudge on her hair. The Amazon listing here links to an official figure, not a bootleg. The easiest way to tell if any of the Figuarts figures are bootlegs is whether or not they have a holographic Toei sticker.

If there's a holographic Toei sticker, you're good! If not, don't buy!

Sailor Mercury Figuarts

Sailor Mercury was the second Figuarts to be released, and she also reflects the high standards of quality the Bandai brand has brought for many years. She comes with her computer and visor, much like what she has in the classic anime.

Mercury is available on! Just search for 'Sailor Mercury Figuarts'.

Sailor Mars Figuarts

The Sailor Mars Figuarts is pretty much as great as Mercury and Moon's, albeit the fact that her hair makes her slightly harder to get into her stand. Also, her scroll is very tiny and very easy to lose. Still, if you enjoy the character, you'll most likely enjoy this figure. She doesn't come with anything except her scroll, hands, and several face plates, so keep that in mind!

Mars is also available on Search for 'Sailor Mars Figuarts' and you'll find her.

Sailor Venus Figuarts

Much like Sailor Moon comes with her companion and mentor Luna, Sailor Venus comes with Artemis. Not only that, but this Figuarts comes with a mask headpiece, so she can disguise herself as Sailor V, and another mask she can hold in her hand. She's definitely worth adding to your Sailor Moon collection!

Sailor Jupiter Figuarts

Sailor Jupiter's Figuarts is as solid as the character herself. She's taller than the others, which is appropriate to the series, and she comes with a second tiara with a lightning rod so she can zap the bad guys.

Sailor Jupiter is for sale on Search for 'Sailor Jupiter Figuarts'.

Sailor Saturn Figuarts

Years ago, before Sailor Moon got its reboot, and when it was in licensing limbo in the USA, Sailor Moon merchandise was pretty hard to buy. Even on the Internet, it was somewhat difficult to purchase what you wanted, since oftentimes you'd end up in a bidding war with someone else on eBay over a special item.

Sailor Saturn merchandise was ALWAYS difficult to obtain, and it didn't help that most of it was never released in the USA. I have a few old pieces of merchandise with her on it, and an old doll, and they weren't easy to get. Luckily, now owning a Sailor Saturn figure is easy; the Sailor Saturn Figuarts is available in many online stores, and it's worth a purchase. Hopefully it won't become rare down the line, but to be safe, you should consider purchasing one even if you're only somewhat a fan of the character.

The Figuarts comes with her Silence Glaive, and it's sculpted very well. Sailor Saturn is shorter than the other Sailor Guardians (save for Chibi Moon, but she doesn't have a Figuarts yet) and this figure appropriately reflects that.

Sailors Uranus and Neptune Figuarts

Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune suffered from the same problem Saturn had back when Sailor Moon was in licensing limbo here in the US; their merchandise was rare and often expensive on the internet.

The Sailor Uranus Figuarts releases in early 2015 and Sailor Neptune releases in March 2015. Preordering them both would probably be a good idea if you're interested in the characters. They come with their respective talismans, the sword and the mirror. They are sold separately, so keep that in mind.

Which Figuarts are Available to Buy Now?

Sailor Moon
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Mercury
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Mars
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Jupiter
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Venus
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Saturn
Available via Amazon and other retailers
Sailor Uranus
Preorder now, available early 2015
Sailor Neptune
Preorder now, available March 2015
Sailor Pluto
Not announced!
Sailor Chibi Moon
Announced for Japan - America's date not announced yet.
Tuxedo Mask
Announced for Japan - America's date not announced yet.
Sailor Moon Figuarts group posing.
Sailor Moon Figuarts group posing. | Source

Sailor Moon Statues

Bandai has also made a FiguartsZERO line. These are statues; they're not posable at all, and can be pricey if you want to own them all. That said, they're of amazing quality and are beautiful to display. I would suggest buying your favorite Guardian as opposed to buying them all, unless you can afford it!.

Each FiguartsZERO stands at about 7-8" tall, which is a bit taller than the Figuarts figures.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury have been released. The rest are coming out later in 2015, and I'll add them to this hub when they are actually released, as to save from cluttering this too much for now.

Availability of FiguartsZERO Statues

Sailor Moon
Available to buy now via Amazon or other retailers.
Sailor Mercury
Available to buy now via Amazon or other retailers.
Sailor Mars
Preorder now, available March 15, 2015.
Sailor Jupiter
Preorder now, available April 30, 2015.
Sailor Venus
Preorder now, available at the end of this year.
Sailor Saturn
Not announced
Sailor Uranus
Not announced
Sailor Neptune
Not announced
Sailor Pluto
Not announced
Sailor Chibi Moon
Not announced
Tuxedo Mask
Not announced

Great Eastern Figures

Great Eastern, the company who produces/distributes merchandise for North America, has released three 4-5" figures for Sailor Moon. For some reason, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Venus were not on Amazon, and I don't know if they'll ever be.

Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask are all available and cost around $20-$24. These figures are poseable, but are a little smaller than the Figuarts. They don't come with any accessories, and you can't change their faces or anything. They seem like decent figures, but I prefer the Figuarts ones, especially when they get a price cut.

Great Eastern 5.5" Tuxedo Mask Figure


Irwin Figures

There are other Sailor Moon figures for sale on the internet, but they're mainly out of production. For example, from 1997-2002, Irwin Toys of Canada produced small Sailor Moon figures and keychains. These are, obviously, hard to find nowadays, but if you can get your hands on one for a decent price, I would recommend getting it. They're only about 3" tall, and cute! Hopefully Bandai will make something like this in the future.

Gashapon and Miscellany

Finally, there are some figures from Japan that you can order via Amazon. Keep in mind that there are far more of these than Amazon has, however the ones that you can buy are interesting. For example, there is a set of small figures that can sit on the ledge of a bookshelf or a computer. They aren't poseable, but remember that these are originally from gumball machines in Japan, so they can't be too complex. There aren't any of these Gashapon machines in America (if there are they'd be in Japanese hobby shops and/or conventions) so your best bet for purchasing these figures would be eBay or on a Japanese hobby site, such as Amazon has a few of these Gashapon sets, but not many, and the price can be a little high.

Pros and Cons of Buying Sailor Moon Figures from Three Online Retailers

Large selection of figures; ability to purchase items from Japanese sellers; sometimes you'll get a better deal via bidding.
Figures sold by Amazon directly are not bootlegs; prices are consistently lower than retail; decent selection.
Never sells bootlegs; incredible selection of figures and statues, as well as random doo-dads and stationery items.
Risk of buying bootlegs; potential wait time on auctions ending.
Japanese exclusives are not available unless sold by a third-party seller; Amazon usually doesn't get the figures in stock until after Japan does.
Expensive, since you're shipping from Japan.

Conclusion and Thanks

I hope this hub helped you decide which figure(s) to pick out for you or your Sailor Moon fan. Next up, I plan on talking about plush dolls. Stay tuned for that, and thanks for reading!


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