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Hack Slash Crawl, Free Online RPG

Updated on August 27, 2011
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Many attempts have been made at creating a solid online, browser based RPG, but many of them have failed, having been consumed by grues or marketing executives, or perhaps by starving game designers. Hack Slash Crawl is a game that has so far avoided that fate, mostly by being quite good.

A great flexible class system that allows you to mix and max attributes rather nicely. I approve. I decided to start life as a Vampire Wanderer. As a Vampire, I gain health with every melee attack I make. As a wanderer I have increased stamina and have increased resistance to all forms of attack. I felt pretty confidant in my chosen classes. The only blemish on the horizon was the fact that I appeared to be forced to be a man with a pig tail, which I felt rather harsh.

The first thing I found upon 'entering the dungeon' was a 'cool dirty ring of attraction', which bestowed 15 fire resistance upon me. Already I was thrilling to the idea of upgrading my pitiful self. The grind had begun, the glorious soul destroying grind to heroism and might.

The ring also appeared to come with the power of charm, which would cause one enemy to ally with me. Already I was becoming powerful beyond my wildest imaginations. (Which were, as it turned out, not so very wild at all.)

One ambulates through the world using a point and click methodology which has been implemented effectively. To put that in simpler terms, point and click actually works in this game.

Combat is similarly simple. Simply click on a mob and you'll hack and slash away with great fury and fairly decent accuracy. Groups of mobs are taken one at a time with no thought for personal safety. If you should find yourself dying a horrid and unseemly death, you can simply run away, which works quite well.

Loot drops fast and furious, as do charm spells, which can be used as mentioned above, to create allies out of enemies. This is useful when approaching large groups of mobs whose combined hacking power outweighs your own most severely.

Though the game is not without its pitfalls (some might consider affiliation with Mochi Games to be one such pitfall,) it is a well put together game that will entertain and intrigue. Victory is not certain, but fun is.

Are you ready to try your hand? Are you ready to embrace your destiny? Do you have a horrid dislike of misshapen green creatures? Then you need to play Hack, Slash, Crawl!


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