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Buy Bakugan Hades, Myriad Hades & Turbine Hades Bakugan

Updated on January 4, 2014
Pyrus Hades 660G
Pyrus Hades 660G

Bakugan Hades

Hades is a bakugan with the same looks as Hydranoid, since he was a mechanical bakugan developed form the DNA of Hydranoid. He is believed to be one of the most powerful and well built bakugan after Altair, and Wired. His main weapons are cannons, and blasters that come out of his body. In ball form, Hades seems unordinary, with a slim curved head, and two massive wings at each side. There are also two more small heads that come out to help balance the bakugan along with the feet. In battles such as episode 23, one of the abilities he used was “Full Burst”, which added 1000gs to Hades, proving to be a challenging opponent. However, the power level of Ingram and Elfin was over 2200, so they won the match. He also battled in episode 22, and was destroyed in episode 32 with Alice’s Hydranoid. The g-power is usually not much, around 500gs. The attribute can be Darkus, Aquos, Haos, Pyrus, and can be found in translucent, BakuBronze, and BakuSteel.

Pearl White Luminoz Myriad Hades
Pearl White Luminoz Myriad Hades

Myriad Hades

Myriad Hades is an evolution of Hades with a thicker neck, and a long tail. He resembles the form of Dragonoid, but has two small heads sticking out of his back, and two feet. He was released not long after Hades was, and comes in many attributes that include Ventus, Sub-terra, Pyrus, Pearl, Smoke, and translucent. The highest power level is 780gs, therefore, it is not that powerful. Myriad Hades was never seen in the show.

Subterra Turbine Hades
Subterra Turbine Hades

Turbine Hades

Turbine Hades is the second strongest version of Hades with 650gs. In ball form, there are three heads, and the larger one resembles a cobras’. There are two large wings at each side, and two small feet for support. There is not much color variation, only Pyrus, Haos, and Darkus. Like Myriad Hades, Turbine Hades has never been seen in the show. Turbine Hades used a rip cord to make it spin when opened. In order to do this, you must place the rip cord through a hole right of the attribute on the wing. Then, quickly pull the rip cord out and release the bakugan immediately onto a gate card.  If done properly, the entire bakugan should spin on the gate card.  Overall, I think out of all the variations, Turbine Hades is the best, but I recommend to buy all of them.

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