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Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunt Ideas Part 2

Updated on December 25, 2012

The following is Part 2 of my article on Halloween Themed Scavenger Hunts. These games are obstacles that can be played in order for the scavenger hunt participants to get their next clue.


Musical Chair Clues

For this clue hunt, tape clues to the bottom of a few chairs, then proceed to play musical chairs. The participants must find the clue with their name on it (or their team color, if you are playing with teams) by sitting on the right chair. This is not only a great obstacle in a scavenger hunt, but it’s fun and gives the participants a break from all that running around. Not to mention, who doesn’t like musical chairs?

Materials Needed




Don’t Lose Your Head Clues

The participants are given a tray that they must hold on their head, while balancing a pumpkin or skull on top of the tray. (For younger children, a balloon can be balanced instead.) They must balance the tray with one hand and hold a cup of water (or any other article) with their other hand, This is to ensure that they don’t cheat and try to balance the tray with both hands. (Small children can be allowed to use both hands.) The participants must race to the other side of the room and around an obstacle, like a chair, and then return to the starting line. If you are doing team scavenger hunts, then have each player hand the tray to the next teammate so they can complete the race. This continues until each member of the team has completed the task without dropping the pumpkin. The first team to have all their participants complete this task gets their clue first. However if a player “Loses their Head” by dropping the pumpkin on the floor or grabbing the tray with both hands, they must return to the starting line and start all over again!

Tip: To make the game more challenging, add more obstacles that must be accomplished while balancing the tray and pumpkin, like stepping over a row of pumpkins or having to go around a few tables and chairs.

(Adapted from


Materials Needed

Several pumpkins, real (small size) or fake foam pumpkins OR
Fake skulls OR

Orange balloons (for younger children)


Cup of water


Pumpkin Beanbag Toss

Buy a few plastic pumpkins from the dollar store and tape numbers to them. (The numbers will be the point values of the pumpkins.) Have each participant throw the beanbags and acquire a certain number of points in order to receive their next clue.

To learn how to sew your own beanbags,visit

Materials Needed

3 – 5 Plastic pumpkins




Ghost Hunt

This is a scavenger hunt within a scavenger hunt. In order for the participants to receive their next clue, they will need to hunt for ghosts. Using construction paper, cut out about 10 ghosts per each child or team and tape them all around the house. Try to put them in places that are hard to find, like behind doors or inside the shower, etc. Have the participants find at least 8 ghosts and bring them to you before they receive their next clue. To make this game a little more challenging, paint the ghosts with glow in the dark paint and have the hunt in the dark!

Materials Needed

Construction paper


Glow in the dark paint (optional)


More Scavenger Hunts

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