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Halo 4 Multiplayer: Armor Customization, Challenges, & Commendations

Updated on November 7, 2012

Halo 4 features a numerous number of challenges and commendations that you can complete. You will also have a lot of visual customization options for your Spartan in Halo 4 infinity multiplayer. Players will not have access to all of the types of armor right off the bat, however. You will have to level up your Spartan and master commendations to unlock new items. Some people may have access to certain types of armor in the beginning if they pre-ordered/purchased from certain retail stores. But other than that, it will take some time before you have access to the wide variety of visual customization items in Halo 4 multiplayer.

Halo 4 Armor Visual Customization

There are several options to customize your Spartan in Halo 4. You can select what type of armor you would like to wear on certain body parts. For instance, you can select the type of helmet, shoulders, arms, torso, and leg armor that you wish to wear. You can also unlock new types of visors, emblems, and weapon skins. The emblems will be view-able by other players in Halo 4 multiplayer lobbys. The emblem's color can be changed to your liking.

Visual customization items are unlocked by leveling up to a certain SR rank, completing a Waypoint goal, fully mastering a Commendation, and reaching a certain rank in a Specialization.

Halo 4 Challenges

The Challenges in Halo 4 are a way players can earn extra XP, ultimately helping them rank up faster if they complete them successfully. There will be daily and weekly challenges, but there will also be monthly challenges -- something 343 industries has added. Challenges will vary in difficulty. A player can complete challenges in Campaign, Spartan Ops, Waypoint and in Halo 4 War Games Multiplayer.

Some examples of Halo 4 War Games Challenges

Daily Challenge: Fully Automated - Get 13 kills with an automatic weapon in a single match (2450 XP)

Weekly Challenge: Spartan Takedown - Kill 75 players (4100 XP)

Halo 4 Commendations

Commendations are awards for completing certain activities like killing a certain amount of enemies with a particular weapon or using/destroying vehicles in Halo 4 War Games. There are over 120 commendations in 5 categories; Weapons, Enemies, Vehicles, Player and Game Types. Each commendation has a certain amount of levels. Some Commendations can unlock exclusive customizable items, but you must master a Commendation by reaching it's highest level first.

Mastering all the Commendations will take a long time in Halo 4. Players will most likely complete all the specializations, but still have commendations to earn afterward. While it may take a long time, there are many exclusive items that can be earned.

Challenges and Commendations were first implemented in Halo Reach, but they have been expanded upon significantly in Halo 4.


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