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Halo 4 New Additions to Multiplayer: Dominion Mode, Infinity Team Slayer, Join Sessions and More!

Updated on November 3, 2012

Halo 4 will feature several new multiplayer additions and changes. Some of these include the addition of kill cams, ability to join games in progress, and a new game mode called Dominion. As many Halo fans already know, Bungie is no longer working on the franchise -- 343 industries is. And obviously with that change, Halo 4 may be a bit different than previous titles. However, this does not mean the Halo franchise is going to be a completely different game, although there will be some minor changes and new features to the game. 343 has mainly built upon the components that made up Halo Reach.

Halo 4 Dominion Mode

A new game mode called Dominion mode will be featured in Halo 4. The objective of Dominion mode is to capture the territories. There will be two teams and three territories that start off as neutral. If a team manages to capture a base, then that base will begin to fortify with turrets and energy shields to strengthen the area. The team will receive points for each resupply. The resupply gives teams ordnance drops and vehicles.

Dominion mode will be a very team based game in Halo 4. Are you a lone wolf? That may not be a good idea. If a team manages to capture all three territories there will be a "sudden death countdown timer", which requires the losing team to capture a location before they lose. Dominion mode is sort of like Battlefield 3's conquest mode in some ways, but with a Halo twist of course.

Halo 4 Adds Kill Cams and Join Session in Progress to Multiplayer.

Many game franchises often incorporate kill cams to their multiplayer. Halo 4 will be no different and will now feature kill cams which will show you how an enemy player killed you. While this may be beneficial, this also means that it will not be as easy to hide after killing a player. If you are going to playing as a sniper in Halo 4 then it will be very important to change your position from time to time.

Another new addition to Halo 4 multiplayer is the ability to join sessions in progress. This will be beneficial because sometimes players quit in games leaving you alone outnumbered by the enemy team. However, you may not be able to join every type of game mode in-progress in Halo 4, and it may be a problem in the Dominion game mode. For example, what if some players join a Dominion game and the opposing team has already captured all the bases? That would not be a very fair experience to players in Halo 4...

Lastly, the popular game mode Slayer returns to Halo 4, but will will now be called Infinity Slayer, and will be slightly different. Players will now be able to gather enough points to call in ordnance drops. The ordnance drops in Halo 4 Infinity Slayer will consist of three randomly placed weapons or power ups. The power ups will either allow you to increase your speed, shields, or deal more damage to other enemy players in Halo 4.


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    • profile image

      AaronHubb89 5 years ago

      Alright, will keep that in mind, thanks.

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      No. Not as far as I know. But the DMR and the Battle Rifle are both in this game. So if you want a weapon to shoot enemy players a bit farther away with more precision, then those might be a good choice.

    • profile image

      AaronHubb89 5 years ago

      Just curious, as an ADS (Aim Down Sights) function been added to Halo 4? I know it wasn't in the other Halo games, but I'm a CoD fan and I like the ADS ability but am interested in Halo.