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Halo 4 review: Master chief awakens to a new adventure and a new devloper

Updated on May 31, 2016

Halo 4 youtube review

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and yeah they really do try to sexualize the smurfette to much.
and yeah they really do try to sexualize the smurfette to much.

Note this hub uses video from Halo the master chief collection it is no way affiliated with Microsfot. I capture the video using video my own play through using a capture device. I used freeze frames and photoshop to add in the pictures and the effects

Well in this hub we finally get to that last game in the Master Chief collection Halo 4. How did the new studio 343 named after the monitor of all character’s do in their first game. Actually surprisingly well. The games not perfect and it is different form the Bungie ones but it’s still a fun FPS.

The diadect is just a standard villain.
The diadect is just a standard villain.


The story was kind of hard to do in this one. If you think about it Halo 3 wrapped 95% of the story up the 2 supporting characters of Amanda Keys and Johnson are both dead at the end of Halo 3. The covenant has been destroyed, the rings are no longer a threat, and the flood is defeated. The only pesky thing was that the master chief was left adrift in space. And that’s where this game begins 4 years later with him still being adrift in space when he and Cortana manage to find a forunner planet called Requiem and do to their incompetence fall for a trap set by a forerunner call the Diadect to release him so he can have revenge on human kinds by transforming them all into digital holograms. The plot itself is meh at best the Promethean’s are cool but the Diadeact is just an evil bad guy for the sake of being an evil bad guy. And why are we still fighting the covenant it’s brought up once by the chief at the beginning that the war is over, but quickly drop. What they did to right is the Master Chief they took the risk of having him talk, which can be risky (put see Metroid the Other M sign up) if done wrong but here they do it right. While he has had a voice and some conversation here he’s yammering a lot more including during action scenes with Cortana which actually lets them build a bit more chemistry and that is what the games is putting its story on is the relationship between the 2.

It seems that AI’s like Cortana have a life span shorter then dog, after their 8th year they go through something called Rampancy and basically think themselves to death. Cortana is starting to show systems of that and will soon break down unless the Chief can get her back to Earth and have someone fix her if it is possible. The relationship between the two is striking. Has it does call into the fact that the chief was basically kidnap at a young age and turn into a super solider who’s only real friend has been a computer AI and he can be a bit antisocial with Cortana mentioning that they need to find out which one of the two is the real machine.

Also has part of the story is that 4 years have gone by so during that time skip new Spartans have been created this time from ordinary solders that have volunteered to wear the armor. And he’s kind of now look down upon with the whole kidnap thing and being outdated. Having the only person who is out of time by just a touch also losing her mind is shown has well and it’s hard on him. The new character’s especially Lasky are pretty decent.


The gameplay in Halo 4 is actually really good. Navs pop up in most places giving you a sign of where to go next, no getting lost in linear stages yay. Again all the Halo basics are here. No life bar but recharging shields, only 2 weapons can be held, and enemy AI that is actually still pretty decent. The stage designs are very beautiful to look at and stand out very well, there not the best the series has seen but there still pretty good.

Has for enemies go the covenant army has shrunk you only got the 3 types you got from the original Halo games. Which includes the grunts, the jackals, and the elites. No brutes and no bugs do have to content with on their side. That said after a few stages you will be bumping into these guys the Prometheans who join sides with the covenant. Here you got 3 types of these pests. These dogs that can go quickly even clink on walls, little flying ones that are support type craft, and the knights which are pain to take down. But these guys come with their own weapons, there still not has good has the human guns but there better than the covenant ones and they are a lot of fun to use.

The promethians bring there own toy chest to the fight.
The promethians bring there own toy chest to the fight.

The single player campaign is fairly lengthy compare to Halo 3 and Reach lasting a few hours more and there are a few nice side activities like this Star Fox esc stage towards the end. All in all I had a good time with Halo 4 it’s not the same experience has the bungie ones but there was love put into it.

The environments in this game are unreal.
The environments in this game are unreal.


The graphics in this game are a bit of mix bag. No it’s not that they aren’t well done or run smoothly they are the environments are terrific and the character models for the humans are top notch. The art style for some of the covenant are to great not a big fan of how the grunts now look like some sort of deformed shark makes them a little bit too goofy. And the new look for Cortana goes way to far not only in sexualizing a cartoon character but also in crossing the uncanny valley, she looks weird. Which is kind of unfortunate because the relationship between her and master chief is central to the campaign. Over all the graphics are well done with the exception of a few bizarre art choices.


The music in this game is still top notch and enjoyable to listen too and the voice acting especially by Jen Taylor who has to do Cortana who is this strong and cool character who is literally breaking down has she is breaking up. Over all the sound is really good. I don’t like that the grunts no longer seem to talk in English and squeal has much leaving out some of the humor of the beat downs you give the little rascals.


The maps and the gameplay of Halo 4 are well preserved and upgraded here I played quite a few games of this online. Unfortunately some of the stat keeping seems to be nonexistent, I wish they had kind of given us a more uniform level up system that was easier to understand and went through all games and modes. Still it’s a fun experience playing online. Again though match making always boots out to the main menu.

There is also a Spartan Ops mode this is more fun like fire fight when playing with friends online there basically a bunch of online missions to fight against computer bad guys but they are fun. The original Halo 4 had a movie to go with it, I couldn’t find it on the disc but I am willing to bet it’s connected to that god awful Halo channel.

My thoughts on the Master Chief Collection

After fully playing the Master Chief collection is it has bad a failure has everyone says it is. No it offers everything it promises all the games are here, they are remaster and look gorgeous. And a lot of time and love went into remastering Halo 2 to make it look gorgeous and redoing the cut scenes and the game is worth picking up just for that. But the buggy and large patch installation and some bugs when it comes to the extra is a bit of a pain. And then there is the online problems. The problem is not just the match making which is compliant worthy but far from being terrible but the whole way it set up. All 4 halos at different ways of scoring and connecting people together having it Hodge podge like this is a terrible way to show it. There’s no common ranking or scoring system for online so there’s no leveling up has least far has I can tell. Still the online maps are here and some fun if you have the patience to wait a little bit longer then usual to connect. Overall it’s a good game that could have been terrific and a stable setter but it isen’t and that is its biggest crime.

I do believe it is no 20 dollars according to the gamestop web site it will give you several weeks of fun on single player and the online does have it quirks so it is worth playing.


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