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Halo 5: the story is garbage and it has it's flaws but I enjoy playing Halo 5.

Updated on May 30, 2016
Kind of creepy when you think about it.
Kind of creepy when you think about it.

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Greetings everybody my name is Tommy the game master and welcome to my channel. Well with the Master Chief Collection review it’s time to take a look at the last Halo game the one that came out last year. It’s time to take a look at Halo 5. A game that last year was kind of released with a mix bag among gamers. And the reason for a lot of its hostility, well the one thing that you really shouldn’t judge a first person shooter, its story. That said I know Halo goes by its story and it’s got a whole bunch of novels and comic books that are also part of the canon so a lot of Halo fans want to enjoy the games for the story. And for an FPS games story there pretty good by and large. I don’t get invested in them but there pretty good. So what did they do wrong in this one, well a lot but what ticked me off isn’t what ticked off a lot of other people. So what ticked me off about this games story? Well let’s dig into Halo 5 story and warning plot spoilers in order to get to what hacks me off about this game story I have too. So if you’re not into spoilers then skip to the graphics segment.


The game takes place sometimes after Halo 4 and Cortana died saving the master chief from the diadect. However the Osiris Spartan team gets a mission to rescue Dr. Halsey from the covenant after she betrayed the UNSC to them. It seems it was all a part of something Halsey wanted to check out, worried that Cortana is still alive but now corrupt and evil she gets back to the Infinity to work on a plan to stop her.

Meanwhile the Master Chief gets a message from Cortana and goes AWOL to find her. This causes the UNSC to send the Osiris team in order to bring the chief back home before he finds out the hard way that the Cortana he knew is gone.

So what went wrong well the games trailers and advertisement kind had it set up that it would be some sort of Chief VS Commander Lock in some sort of epic battle. That the game would be told like Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. With a two tier story and you would have to probably go through both campaigns to find the truth and that the two had legitimate reasons to hate each other. And that the two would be engaged in Mortal Combat with each other. Nope it’s a simple Locke is in charge with bringing the Chief back home because he believes the Chief is too stupid to realize the dangers he’s in. In the end we find out the chief knew from the get go that is old friend had flip her lid and become danger to the galaxy; he just figures it’s his duty to pull her plug. The most we get has far has fighting between the two is a cut scene where the two have a fist fight. Some mortal combat huh…CRACKED HELMETALITY.

Yeah this is the highlight of the fight between these two charecters.
Yeah this is the highlight of the fight between these two charecters.

But even then the story’s not awful for that reason. It’s well they blew a plot twist thrown out of the original, and kind of blew it at a time where it could have made an impact. Ok so in case you’re not aware one of the original drafts of the first Halo game had Cortana going nuts when she was plug into the Halo array from all the data she obtain and try to take over everything. It would be up to the chief and a monitor to save the day. Bungie threw it out because they liked the character of Cortana better. Now to do it now with all the Chief and her have been through and what the player experienced alongside them seeing her being torture by Grave mind, or breaking down in Halo 4 it would make a big impact on the chief to see this kind nosferatu version of her back from the dead. And so it would be the gamer. So where did they blow with it on this one. Well rather than focus on the chief and is inner struggle to figure out what to do with his malfunctioning AI friend. We deal 90% of the time with Locke and is crew trying to find the Chief. We play has the master chief for just 3 stages, 3 FREAKING stages and that’s it. The rest of the time we are with this guy who’s got the personality of mud. To put it into context we played more has the arbiter in Halo 2, hell the arbiter has more of a role in this game then the master chief. It’s kind of like I don’t know a Mega Man X game where instead of playing has X

you play has some completely new character that is whiny and annoying to use for the majority of the game before you can finally unlock X for just a short while. The only good thing I can say about his team is they brought Buck back from ODST to be the old man of the group and he gets a few good lines here and there.

Oh and one more thing I guess it is a little freaky that they release this game with it’s story, a few months after windows 10 came out and put Cortana on every windows PC, now she can literally become Skynet.


So what’s the gameplay like on the campaign well there has been some major changes. Ok first off you know have a life bar and fewer hits then other Halo games but I do like what they did with the life bar. If that 2nd life bar runs out you die and it always goes down when your hit without shields. But refills to full when your shields recharge, basically it’s a way of letting you know precisely how much damage you can take at critical before your down for the count. Now the big change with the exception of a few things that seem to randomly kill you, you can be revived by a team mate, and revive team mate for a temporary health boost. It’s ok and it’s nice to notice sometimes I am not going to be punish to badly for a single mistake, but at the same time this also exposes the game’s biggest flaws.

Your ai companions are a little bit crappy about knowing when to bring you back to life. They sometimes just run into danger rather than taking out enemies or watching out for fire themselves and quite often in dangerous situations get themselves knocked out too. Add in they sometimes lengthen area between check points and you can see where my frustrations would come in. Especially when you throw in some things just seem to instantly kill you for no reason.

The same Halo tropes still a play though two weapons can be held at a time. And again the recharging shields and the enemy AI is still impressive. There’s not too much has far has new weapons although the promethean weapons all have seem to minor changes to them. Enemy wise well not too much has changed. The one main thing is that the promethean have their own version of the elites with these type of enemies that take a few hits to take out. The knights are now considering the brutes off halo 2 when it comes to the pain of taking them out.

The stage designs though are top notch with just not only there looks but there designs are well done for having battles, sometimes a little to intricate when it comes to scaling some of these structures and the fact that you now have the ability to pull yourself up on ledges brings a bit more platforming to the gameplay which is surprisingly handles well.

If I have one more compliant about the game is it get use to fight this thing repeatedly he’s about your only boss character and he’s a pain to take down but he pops all over the place. And gets kind of a pain whenever he pops up especially when he pops up multiple times towards the end of the game.

Warden Eternal

Takes a licking and comes back for even more. To the point where he's just a pain.
Takes a licking and comes back for even more. To the point where he's just a pain.


Going with that stage design some great looking graphics and set pieces. From a glass planet, to the elites home world it’s all beautiful and just looking up at the sky and see things buzzing around it’s all done perfectly. I should note that I guess since Cortana is again becoming a major thing for Microsoft they decided to cover her up when she has her big scene. Not only shows her change in character has she is more ruthless and on the wrong side of psychotic, but it’s probably the reason this game got a T rating.


Some good music again Halo has one of the best sound tracks in FPS history. And we got some good voice cast again doing the voices. Also Grunts talk again in English and even sing, makes taking them down all the much sweeter.

Grunts now can sing.


The online in this game is pretty good for the most part. I haven’t taken online has much has I have the other Halo games but what I have played is pretty fun. All the basic groups are there, you level up in rank every 10 games and I guess goes by season. The basic matches are smooth and fun. The new ones though are Arena mode games which I can only say is Halo goes battlefield your basically drop into an area where you have to either defend or attack large areas and use vehicles in order to get around, not has fun has battlefield but it’s a good first attempt.

Final Recommendation.

Halo 5 is a good game, it’s not perfect but it’s a good game with a story that has flaws. But if your into what you should be playing Halo a good campaign and a great online you will find this game has everything you need.


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