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Halo Noble Team DLC - Free Downloads Available

Updated on December 15, 2010 | Source

Earn DLC Through GPT - Halo Noble Team Map Pack

GPT or get-paid-to has been around for decades. But learning the ropes and finding a GPT that works well, and rewards it's members properly is a difficult task. I however, have found one. This GPT rewards members with points which can be used to obtain Microsoft Points and free copies of DLC such as the new Halo Noble Team DLC for Xbox Live. This is my experience, so I can show you exactly what I did, and you can follow.

Note: It took me 4.5 days (0.5 hour a day) to earn 800 Microsoft Points, which I then used to download the new Halo Noble Team DLC. You can probably do it quicker.

Step 1: Go to the GPT portal found at

Step 2: Sign up and validate your email address. I created a new Yahoo email just for the occasion.

Step 3: Log in. You will receive 250 free bonus points just for going through the site above.

Step 4: Click Earn Points at the top left and choose anything there. I clicked 'Free Offers' and found a free survey. I completed it in 5 minutes and marked as complete. 15 minutes later, I had another 88 points in my account.

Repeat this as many times as you want. You can earn other ways, including clicking banners, offers, trials, and playing games. All of which are free. This is because GPT pays you for your time on the system - a finder's fee basically as they get paid for showing ads and advertising.

Step 5: Click Spend Points and either Rewards Gallery or Gift Cards - I chose Gift Cards and selected 1200 Microsoft Points.

Step 6: Add it to your cart and pay with the reward points you earned. Reward Points are then converted to Microsoft Points and the code is emailed to you. DONE!


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    • JacobArensus profile image

      JacobArensus 7 years ago

      Still working - message me if you do the same thing I did, and I can help.