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Halo Reach SWAT Tips Part 2

Updated on August 26, 2012

Halo Reach SWAT

This is the second part of Halo Reach SWAT tips. This game type is something where one player can tide the turn of the fight quickly. A player can get double kills, triples, and over kills much easier if they play the game correctly. It would be great if they made a separate game type for SWAT, but they do not have one.

Knowing the maps layout is vital if you want to do well. Knowing where all the key points will help you in SWAT.

6. Avoid Wide Open Areas as much as possible! The other team can easily be up in the high areas of a map. If your out in the open you increase your chances of being seen and shot in the back. If you spawn in a bad area get out of there. There may be times when you spawn and get shot in the head right off the bat. This should not happen to much, but there may be some instances of it occurring. The best thing to do is go around the map cause being out in the open can be risky.

7. Aim for the head not the body. It will take far to long to eliminate the opposing team if you just shoot them in the body. Aim for the head cause they will die instantly. Practice your accuracy on swat. Get used to shooting when someones jumping, sprinting, standing still, using a jump booster, and more. The better your accuracy gets you'll find yourself dominating. Just remember every miss you make on your opponent allows them one mini second to take you out. Do not hesitate if you see an opportunity such as someone running to cover! It only takes one well place shot to take them out and that could make all the difference . Don't ever say "I can not make that shot". You need to get used to taking every shot possible even if you miss. Your accuracy will increase over time whether its no scoping or zooming in.

8. When in doubt jump! If you find yourself coming around a corner and see an enemy in close quarters jump! This may temporarily make the enemy miss. This is optional, but may give you a second or two to follow up a shot to them. Jump and aim for there head whilst your in mid air.

9. Come up behind the enemies ( flank ) One of the tips in the last part was watch your flank. If you find your team getting shot from a high location or a certain point, find a way to go around the map and get behind them. This may give you an advantageous position to eliminate multiple members of the team. Just be alert as one may spot you. If the opposing team stays in a high point for to long then they may end up winning the game if there maintaining that position.

10. Don't forget melee ! Obviously you'll want to always aim for the head, but in some circumstances if your really close you can shoot an opposing player(body shot) and melee to finish him off. This will mainly occur in close quarters as any longer and you will not get close enough. For example: you go around a corner and the enemy is a couple feet in front of you.

This concludes Halo Reach SWAT tips. There are many more out there, but these are a foundation. The biggest factor I can tell you is that do not get shot in the back. No matter how good your accuracy is, if someone comes up behind you they will likely eliminate you. SWAT is a game mode where position and accuracy are key. If you can not make head shots then you will ultimately die. There are a lot of different skill level of players. Some may take you out in one shot every time. You need to be faster and more accurate then them.

Should SWAT have a game type by itself instead of voting for it?

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    • profile image

      1337 Scoper 5 years ago

      Use your teammates as your radar. You can see bullets that are being shot at them, and the X when they die is useful for seeing where enemies are. Be careful not to run right where the X is though - you could be easily picked off just like your ally!

    • profile image

      Addison 5 years ago

      I always warm up for SWAT with a good ol' game of Gruntpocalypse. Helps out with headshot aiming.

    • profile image

      Mark 6 years ago

      This is very good, you should make some posts with the nice spots in the original Halo: Reach maps.

    • profile image

      Picklesandstuff 6 years ago

      Nice guide. Much better than your slayer guides. I would add two things tho. 1 Don't stay in your spawn point unless it is one of the "high locations" or "certain points" you spoke of. Most experienced players know the spawn points and become tempted to watch them and wait for the head shot. 2 Keep an eye on your team if you don't travel with them their four letter call sign shows up to you where ever they are on the map. This can either let you know where to go or where to avoid depending on the situation.

    • profile image

      Takehiro Azuma 7 years ago

      I completely agree with all your tips. I used to be good but lost skill after playing fable 3. Thanks A Lot. great guide.

    • profile image

      Justin 7 years ago

      thanks nice tips

    • profile image

      Reacher 7 years ago

      Thanks, very helpful stuff.